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a buboe is a big wart like thing which appears on your body which leaks out black ooze. :)

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Q: What is bubo?
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What is the name of a species of Bubo Bubo?

Bubo bubo is another name for the Eurasian Eagle-Owl.

What is the Latin name for owl?

Bubo, Strix, Noctua, Ulula. Bubo is mostly used.

What comes out of a bubo?


What is a bubeo?

I don't think bubeo is a word. Did you mean bubo? A bubo is a swollen lymph node typically in the armpit or groin.

How do you say owl in Latin?


What is the latin name of owl?


What is the class of the snowy owl?

The Snowy owl is from the Strigidae family, from the class Bubo

What is an snowy owls latian name?

The Latin binomial name for a Snowy Owl is "Bubo scandiacus" "Bubo" is the genus, and "scandiacus" is the species.

What is the great horned owls genus?

It's genus is BuboAdditional Biological Classification information:Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: CHordataClass: AvesOrder: StrigiformesFamily: StrigidaeGenus: BuboSpecies: Bubo virginianus

What type of pet does Draco Malfoy have?

Draco Malfoy owned an Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo), which regularly brought him sweets and treats from his parents.

What is a snowy owls genus and species?


What does bubo mean in Hebrew?

Bubah is a doll.

What is the snowy owl's scientific name?

Bubo scandiacus.

Latin for owl?

Bubo (genitive: bubonis, m).

What were medieval cures for the black death?

pop the bubo

What is the latin name for a snowy owl?

Bubo scandiacus

What is the scientific name for the horned owl?

Bubo virginianus

What is the meaning of kayala in Malayalam?

kayala or kazhala = bubo

What is Scientific name for great horned owl?

Bubo virginianus

Did the owl in clash of the titans have a name?

The name of the owl is Bubo

What is the scientific name for great horned owl?

bubo virginignus

Who did bubo the owl belong to in the movie clash of the titans?

Athena .

What is the Meaning of bubonic?

Of or pertaining to a bubo or buboes; characterized by buboes.

What level of classification does a horned owl belong to?

Domain: eukarya Kingdom: animalia Phylum: chordata Class: aves Order: strigiformes Family: strigidae Genus: bubo Species: bubo virginiaus

What does a bubos look like?

A bubo (pronounced buibo) is a red colour at first then over time it turns dark purple or black. It ushually the size of an egg but can sometimes be as big as a apple. A bubo is ushually found in the armpit, on the neck, on the leg or in the groin area. A bubo is a symptom of the plauge and if it not burst before the fifth day of the victims getting the plauge than the victim is most likely to die. When the bubo bursts a black puss comes out spreading a horrible smell.