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buenos noches means goodnight. i believe you spel bichi wrong. i dont recognize it.

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Q: What is buenas noches bichi in English?
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What is the phrase 'good night' when translated from English to Spanish?

"good night" in Spanish is "buenas noches".

How do you pronounce good night in Spanish?

Buenas Noches

What is the Mexican Spanish translation for good night?

Buenas noches hermoso, or buenas noches mi hermoso (MY beautiful)

How to Answer to buenas noches?

Just repeat it back: Buenas noches!

How do you do you say goodnight in Spanish?

Buenas Noches

How do you say buenas noches?

buenas noches amigos I've had 8 years of Spanish and am currently in my ninth.

What is 'Good night' when translated from English to Spanish?

"buenas noches"

What is the phrase 'Good night sweetie' when translated from English to Spanish?

Buenas Noches, caramelo (sweets) or Buenas Noches, querido/querida (darling) or Buenas Noches, mi amor (my love) There is no exact translation for "sweetie" in Spanish...the closest is "sweets" as in candy, which is "caramelo". The most common way of saying "Good night sweetie" in Spanish is probably "Buenas noches, mi corazon ( my heart)". Caramelo is not a term used to show affection. Amor, querido/querida, and corazon are the terms used.

How do you say goodnight in Puerto Rican?

Buenas noches the same as you would say it in spanish.

How do you Write Good night call tomorrow in spanish?

English= Good night my love.Spanish= Buenas noches mi amor

How is Buenas noches pronounced?

"Buenas noches" is pronounced as "BWEH-nahs NOH-chehs" in Spanish, with a silent "s" in "buenas" and a soft "ch" sound in "noches".

How do you say goodnight darlin in spanish?

Buenas noches corazón Buenas noches mi amor Buenas noches mi vida etc.