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Q: What is called grouping objects according what they have in common?
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Grouping means creating separate collections of records sharing some common characteristic?


Differentiate comparing from classifying in science?

Comparing means finding the similarities and differences between two objects, while Classifying means grouping of objects according to their common characteristics

The grouping of organisms based on their common descent is called?

The grouping of organisms based on their common descent is called cladistics. This type of grouping is most often used in the biological sciences.

What is the grouping of organisms based on their common descent called?

The procedure of grouping organisms based on their evolutionary history is called evolutionary classification. It is also called Darwinian classification.

You study government by grouping them according to characteristic they have in common why is this a problem?

there are many possible sets of characteristics

A loose grouping of a few thousand stars is called?

A loose grouping of a few thousand stars is called a cluster. The stars in a cluster have similar characteristics, which means that they have a common origin.

A group of people that have many things in common is called?

Classify is the answer when you classify things your grouping them together if they are the same.

The most common basis for grouping organisms?


How to factor by grouping?

Common factors are always odd numbers

What are such easily recognizable groupings of stars within the constellations called?

Common groupings of stars within a constellation, or which overlap two or more constellations, are called "asterisms". For example, "Orion's Belt" is a smaller grouping within Orion, and the Big Dipper is a smaller grouping within Ursa Major, the Great Bear.

What is common American dance grouping that africans do not traditionally use?

the shuffle?

What is the more common name for bloodstain grouping by isoagglutinin detection?