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Q: What is calorific value of municipal solid waste?
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Compare municipal solid waste and manufacturing solid waste?

municipal solid waste is where the waste from households and businesses is produced

What is the greatest component of municipal solid waste?


Is municipal solid waste buried underground in incinerators?


Is the quantity of total solid waste per person greater than the quantity of municipal solid waste?

Yes. :D

Three types of solid waste?

Solid waste can be classified into different types depending on their source:a) Household waste is generally classified as municipal waste, b) Industrial waste as hazardous waste, and c) Biomedical waste or hospital waste as infectious waste.

What is a type of landfill that holds municipal solid waste?

A sanitary landfill

What is the calorific value of sludge in waste water?

Basically, calorific value of any sludge depends on its constitution. Since sludge is not defined composition wise, its accurate calorific value doesn't exist. And another important factor which affects the calorific value is the end product that's generated out of sludge. eg if biogas is generated, then calorific value would be 22,000 kJ/Nm3 ( topic open for discussion!!

What is the trash that is produced in your home and school is called?

Municipal Solid Waste

Which type of material makes up the largest chunk of municipal solid waste?

In 2009, paper made up the largest portion, 28.2% of the United States' municipal solid waste. It was followed by food scraps: 14.1%, and yard trimmings: 13.7%.

The top four components of municipal solid waste that are buried in US landfills listed from highest to lowest is what?

Paper, yard waste, food waste, and plastics.

What is the full form of mswc?

1) Mississippi Worker's Compensation 2) Municipal Solid Waste Compost

What is the density of municipal solid waste?

300Kgs/m3 - for municipal waste as provided by Viridor laing for Greater Manchester Waste Scheme