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A sanitary landfill

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Q: What is a type of landfill that holds municipal solid waste?
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Compare municipal solid waste and manufacturing solid waste?

municipal solid waste is where the waste from households and businesses is produced

A type of landfill designed to hold municipal solid waste safely is?

Answer:Sanitary landfills are the major method of disposing waste materials in North America and other developed countriesHope This Helps Alot ! C:

What is the density of municipal solid waste?

300Kgs/m3 - for municipal waste as provided by Viridor laing for Greater Manchester Waste Scheme

What percent of US waste material is potential compost?

There are 160 million tons of municipal solid waste produced in the United States annually and about 85 percent is put into a landfill. Between 25 and 40 percent of this waste could be composted instead. Composted municipal solid waste has been used successfully to improve the physical and chemical properties of soils and is a benefit to the environment overall.

What type of solid waste not go to a landfill?


What type of solid waste does not go to a landfill?


Which of these typically holds large amounts of human solid waste allowing this waste to be concentrated in one area rather than being spread among human populations?

In a landfill

What are Puerto Rico renewable resources?

Puerto Rico's renewable resources are electricity, renewable fuels, and landfill gas. Biomass and municipal solid waste is also renewable resources.

What is the greatest component of municipal solid waste?


Sanitary landfill are primarily used to dispose of?

solid or sanitary waste

How have land fill sites been used in Tokyo?

landfill sites on reclaimed land are the main disposal sites for municipal solid waste generated from the 23 wards, the central area of Tokyo Metropolis.

Is municipal solid waste buried underground in incinerators?