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A chinese style of cooking.

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Q: What is cantonese style?
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What is the most famous cantonese food?

There are many well-known Cantonese dishes, including: Cantonese chow mein Cantonese-style lobster (fried in ginger, garlic, and scallions) Most dim sum dishes

What is a popular oriental cuisine?

Cantonese style is most popular.

Are spring rolls Chinese starters?

Yes they are and so are Cantonese Style Pork and Prawn Dumplings

What are the release dates for A-N-T- Farm - 2011 CANTonese Style Cuisine 1-15?

A-N-T- Farm - 2011 CANTonese Style Cuisine 1-15 was released on: USA: 28 October 2011

What languages are spoken by Cantonese people?

The Cantonese speak Cantonese.

What is the name of traditional Chinese clothing?

Traditional Chinese dress is generically called Hanfu. Hanfu dress, Manchu-style, was called Qipao (in Mandarin) or Cheongsam (in Cantonese) for women and Tangzhuang (Mandarin) or Tongzon (Cantonese) for men.

What is chicken cantonese?

Chicken in Cantonese is "Gai."

What is the oldest Chinese restaurant in the UK?

In 1908 Chung Koon, a former chef, opened Maxim's in Soho. The food was Cantonese style.

How do you say Flower in Cantonese?

'Flower' in Cantonese is 'Faa.'

What is an example of Cantonese?

Here are some examples of Cantonese.

What is the Cantonese word for cat?

'Cat' in Cantonese is 'Maau.'

How do you say king in cantonese?

'King' in Cantonese is 'Wong.'

Who is Madam Goo Goo?

Madam Goo Goo is a character that appeared in one episode of A.N.T. Farm called "CANTonese Style Cuisine".

How do you speak better Cantonese?

Of you are cantonese, it is easier to learn but just speak it to the people you know that know cantonese or if your parents are cantonese, speak to them. There are also some lessons that might be available.

What is cantonese food?

Cantonese is a language in China . Chinese cuisine .

How do you say basketball in cantonese?

'Basketball' in Cantonese is 'Laam Kau.'

How do you say strawberry in cantonese?

si do be lei, is strawberry in cantonese :)

Can Mandarin Chinese Be Understood By Cantonese Chinese People?

More than 90% of Cantonese speakers can also speak Cantonese!

Is TVB a Cantonese or Mandarin channel?

TVB is a Cantonese channel, but occasionally will broadcast Cantonese dubbed Mandarin drama shows.

How do you say mouse in cantonese?

Cantonese is a language spoken in China, and is quite similar to Mandarin. In Cantonese, the word mouse is translated as "shubiao."

Are the Cantonese indigenous to Singapore?

No, Cantonese originated from the Guandong province of China.

What is the name of the province that the Cantonese came from?

Cantonese comes from the Guangdong province.

Where in china is cantonese spoken?

Mostly, Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong.

What is a cantonese lamp?

A cantonese lamp with the initials C.L. is Chinese lanturn

What is crow in Cantonese?

烏鴉. Pronounced "WOO-ahh" in Cantonese.