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What is cc in metric measurement?

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A "cc" is a cubic centimeter. Also the same volume as 1 ml (milliliter)

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What does cc mean in french?

Nothing in language. It is a metric measurement of volume. Cubic Centimeters (CC) 1 cubic inch = 16.39 cubic centimeters.

What is cc in medical measurement -?

It's not really a specific medical measurement. It's standard metric measurement of volume. It's cubic centimeter, which is used interchangebly with milliliter in medicine.

What is the metric unit of measurement is used to measure volume?

Cubic Centimeters (cc) or milliliters (mL)/liters (L)

What is a metric system?

A metric system is a system of measurement. Metric means of measurement.

What is a measurement of weight in the standard measurement system?

the metric system is based on 1 cc of water weighing 1 gram Correction cc is not an acceptable metric symbol; a cubic centimetre is cm3 Nothing can "weigh" 1 gram - it's not a unit of weight though an object may have a mass of 1 g. The question seems to ask for any unit of weight measurement in "the standard measurement system" without defining what is meant. A metric weight unit is the newton, assuming "the standard measurement system" is SI. In the "standard" US measurement system a weight unit is a pound.

What unit of metric measurement is used to measure two drops of medicine?

The cc or the "mil"; that is the cubic centimetre or the millilitre. They are equal measures.

How many tablespoon in cc?

there is 1/15 metric tablespoons in a cc. There are 15cc in a metric tablespoon

Is a gallon part of a metric measurement?

No the metric measurement for volume is the liter.

Why is the Celsius temperature scale NOT a metric measurement?

The Celsius temperature scale is NOT a metric measurement, because degrees Celsius is parallel measurement of Kelvin, and Kelvin is not a metric measurement.

What is metric mesument?

Metric measurement is measurement made using units as defined under the metric system.

How many pounds is 35cc?

cc unit volume in the metric system. Pounds of weight in the English system of measurement units. These two are not measured.

Is a gram a unit of measurement in the metric system?

Yes, a gram is a metric measurement.

What is the conversion for milliliter to cubic cm?

To convert ml to cc (cubic cm) replace the ml with cc. ml and cc are the same thing. 1 ml = 1 cc Millilitres is the new SI (Metric) measurement of volume, based on a liquid measure of a litre. Cubic centimeters are based in the same SI system but are no longer an SI standard measurement of liquid.

What is cc in the metric system?

CC is short for cubic centimeter.

Metric system of Measurement started and popularized?

the metric sysytem of measurement started and popularized in England this is all about the metric equation

What does cc mean in a dirt bike?

cubic centimeter (measure of volume of an engine)The cc of an engine stands for the cubic capacity. Measurement can be stated as metric or imperialcubic centimetre's. it mesures how much the cylinder can hold

What is the metric unit cc?

ml. One cc= one ml.

Meaning of metric?

Metric is a unit of standard measurement in the metric system.

Is liter a metric unit of measurement for volume?

Yes - the litre is a measurement of volume in the metric system.

What is the metric system unit of measurement for distance?

the metric system unit of measurement for distance is meters

Is a foot metric measurement?

No, a foot is not a metric measurement. Metric measurements of length would include millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

Why was metric measurement invented?

why was metric measurements inveted

Is ton metric or imperial?

A tonne is a metric measurement.

Does a designer use metric or standard measurement?


List down the metric system of measurement?

Scroll down to related links and look at "The metric system of measurement" and "Metric system - Wikipedia".