What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, is a term used to identify children who are born with physical disabilities, many times due to lack of oxygen at birth, for some reason. Most people with CP have many difficulties from birth. Their speech may be affected as well as their ability to walk properly, sometimes their vision is affected. Developmental milestones are delayed, and many use walkers or wheelchairs to get around. They also may have "spastic" movements of the arms and legs, sometimes unable to control the muscles. Some kids with CP are very disabled, while others may be quite smart, but unable to express themselves. Whenever you meet a person in a wheelchair who does not have total control of speech or legs and arms, DON'T treat them like they are retarded or stupid and don't know what you are saying. You would be very surprised at how smart and capable that a person is. NEVER underestimate someone, and act like they are not there. They are there, but they may not be able to voice their feelings.