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I haven't heard of there being a "national" instructor, at least in the ATA, but sabonim means certified instructor.

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Q: What is certified national instructor in Korean?
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Who are certified Korean grandmasters?

Certified Korean grand-masters are martial artists of great skill and dedication. There is no readily available list of such certified artists. Instructors often advertise their credentials. The only way to verify them is to visit their office and see if the certificate is hanging on the wall. A better way to choose a great instructor is to visit a few classes and see if you like their teaching style.

What does sabumnim mean in Korean?


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What does it mean when your Tae Kwon Do instructor writes in Korean on your dobok?

When our instructor wrote on our doboks (uniforms) in Korean, he was writing our names. I think it helped him learn our names, and it certainly helped our Korean master refer to us by name during our belt test.

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