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What is chris benoits theme name?

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"Not Enough" by Our Lady Peace.

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What is the name of chris benoits WWE song?

"Whatever" By Our Lady Peace

Is chris benoits really dead?


Is chris benoits home for sale?

no he isn't

Will the summerslam antholigy contain chris benoits matches?

Of course it will, because Chris Benoit has wrestled at SummerSlam.

What famous people have fragile x syndrome?

chris benoits son i think

What is the name of the khloe and lamar theme song?

Chris mann l.o.v.e.

What is the theme for Everybody Hates Chris?

The theme is to describe Chris Rock's life as a child.

What was the name of the TV show that used hit me with your best shot as its theme song?

'Everybody Hates Chris'

Whats the theme tune for casino royale?

The The theme tune from the new James Bond film; Casino Royal is called "You know my name" by Chris Cornell.

Where can you find Chris Jericho's theme song?

first type in chris Jericho on Google then on the first page you'll see youtub-chris Jericho theme music

Who sings chris Jericho WWE theme?

Chris sang it himself

What is Chris Masters' WWE theme song?

Chris Masters' WWE theme song is Overdrive composed by Jim Johnston.

Who's theme is break the walls down?

It's Chris Jericho's theme.

What is You Know My Name the theme tune to?

The 2006 Chris Cornell song titled "You Know My Name" is the theme song to the James Bond film "Casino Royale". It was written jointly with David Arnold, who was the film's soundtrack composer.

Which wwe wrestler's theme song is break the walls down?

Its Chris jericho's theme

Did vince McMahon fake his inuries?

yes he wants to work behind the scenes in wwe but has had to reappear due to chris benoits death and storylines.however at the end of the 2005 royal rumble he really tore his quad when getting in the ring

What was Chris Benoit's Favorite Song?

his theme song

What is the Mindfreak theme song?

"mindfreak" from chris angel

What is Chris Jericho's theme song?

Brake The Walls.

Who sings chris Jericho's theme song?


What is Chris Masters theme song?

over drive

Where can you download Chris Jericho's current theme song?


Who sings the Texas Roadhouse theme song?

chris ladoxe

Who sang the DX entrarnce theme?

Chris Warren Band

Who sings outdoors in the heartland theme song?

Chris Janson does :)