What is chromosome?

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A chromosome is an 'X' shaped gene which contains DNA, found inside living cells. Chromosomes are easily seen using a microscope and are normally invisible most of the time (this period of time called 'interphase') but become visible when the cell starts to multiply.

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A chromosome is a threadlike structure containing DNA and histones. It carries the genetic information from one generation to the other.

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How much chromosome in male and female?

Chromosome serial number of genes No. 1 chromosome 3186 On the 2nd chromosome 2093 On the 3rd chromosome 1638 On the 4th chromosome 1300 On the 5th chromosome 1448 On the 6th chromosome 1843 On the 7th chromosome 1722 On the 8th chromosome 1162 On the 9th chromosome 1394 On the 10th chromosome 1259 On the 11th chromosome 2000 On the 12th chromosome 1509 On the 13th chromosome 611 On the 14th chromosome 1420 On the 15th chromosome 1143 On the 16th chromosome 1270 On the 17th chromosome 1650 On the 18th chromosome 480 On the 19th chromosome 1861 On the 20th chromosome 824 On the 21st chromosome 386 On the 22nd chromosome 812 The MT 37 X-chromosome 1529 Y chromosome 344 [Total of 32921]

What is one half of a chromosome?

1 chromosome can either refer to a duplicated chromosome or a single chromosome. Half of a duplicated chromosome is a single chromosome. Half of a single chromosome is an arm.

How many chromosomes are in a homologous chromosome?

in a homologous chromosome there are two chromosomes ( a chromosome and a sister chromosome)

Two types of chromosome?

x-chromosome y-chromosome

Is an x chromosome and chromosome the same thing?

An x chromosome is specifically a feminine chromosome. With a x and y chromosome its male, with a x and x, it is a female.

Is the y chromosome larger and carries fewer genes then the x chromosome?

No, it is the X chromosome which is larger than the Y chromosome. The X chromosome also has more genes than the Y chromosome.

How do you spell Chromosome?


What is the chromosome is?

What is the function of a chromosome

Which chromosome contains the sex gene?

chromosome 1 chromosome 1

Is the y chromosome bigger than the x chromosome?

No, the X chromosome is much larger than the Y chromosome. :)

What does deletion chromosome consists of?

There is no 'deletion chromosome'. You mean chromosome deletion, and it is a phenomenon where a chromosome disappears from cell's genetic layout.

Which is the largest chromosome?

polytene chromosome

What is an antonym for chromosome?

Chromosome does not have an antonym.

The human chromosome apparently lacking in gene influence is the?

I think it is chromosome 21No, it's not chromosome 21. It's the Y chromosome.

Does an x chromosome looks the same as a y chromosome?

No. An 'X' chromosome looks like an 'X'. The 'Y' chromosome looks like a deformed 'X'. It is noticeably different to an 'X' chromosome. Also, the 'Y' chromosome is only a third of the size of an 'X' chromosome - an 'X' chromosome is 155 million base pares, while the 'Y' chromosome is only 58 million base pairs.

Illustration of metacentric chromosome?

A metacentric chromosome is one in which the centromere is located in the center of the chromosome.

What is the difference between the chromosome and the DNA?

chromosome contains genetic information.DNA contain chromosome

What is the smallest part of a chromosome?

Chromosome 21 is the smallest human chromosome. Inside of the chromosome, there are 48 billion nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA.

What is the difference between Edward's syndrome and Patau's syndrome?

in Patau there is an extra chromosome in chromosome 13, in Edwars it the extra chromosome is in chromosome 18

What sex chromosome is present in all humans?

There are two sex chromosomes: the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. During fertilization, the mother always gives an X chromosome and the father gives either another X chromosome or a Y chromosome. Therefore, all humans have at least one X chromosome.

What chromosome is Parkinson's disease on?

Chromosome 4

What chromosome is pku carried on?

Chromosome 12

What chromosome does hemophilia occur on?

The X Chromosome

What chromosome are dimples found on?

Chromosome 5

What chromosome is the HBB gene on?

chromosome 11