What is civil disobediance?

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Refusal to obey civil laws in an effort to induce change in governmental policy or legislation, characterized by the use of passive resistance or other nonviolent means.

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Civil disobedience is a nonviolent resistance to certain laws, demands, and commands of government.

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Q: What is civil disobediance?
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What is a peaceful protest against a unjust law?

civil disobediance?

What was Gandhi's 200-mile march from ahmadabad to the sea of a protest against?

Civil Disobediance

What is the noun for disobedient?


What is the relevance of the story of robin hood in your society today?

Not too relevant today, maybe a political revision in taxation that benefits the poor or an act of civil disobediance that redistributes cash from the rich to the poor (a bank robber, car thief, etc.)

Were the draft riots during the Civil War justified?

{| |- | Justifying riots is a difficult thing to do. Civil Disobediance is a valid way of showing displeasure with the government's actions, but it is usually illegal. Was the draft legal? It has been used to fill the ranks of the military for centuries. It was a new concept for the Americans and many alternatives were presented. Enlistment bonuses were fairly successful and filled many units. |}

What is the penalty for trespassing?

A fine * States and municipalities establish laws controlling acts of civil disobediance such as trespass. Depending upon the circumstances the violator can be let off with a warning, cited for the act (breach of peace) and required to pay a fine or arrested and jailed until a court hearing.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of adherence?

Some Synonyms are: Attatchment, bond, grip, etc... Some Antonyms are: Disobediance, rejecting, turning away from, etc...

All your friends have a MySpace but you are not allowed to have one what do you do?

Wait until you are fourteen. Disobediance will not inspire your parents to trust you more. Talk to your parents, reassure them of your responsibility, and explain your point of view to them in a calm way.

Would Gandhi want us to fight in wars?

NO. Gandhi promoted peace and tolerance, and only civil and nonviolent disobediance. He *hated* war and he *hated* violence. Whenever his people turned to violence, he fasted in protest (stopped eating) and also to punish himself for not being able to stop it. He nearly died twice, but he was able to stop them from fighting each other using violent means. He was completely against all war. He was a great man.

What was Christ hinderd by the lepers disobediance?

Christ was not hindered as you say by the lepers who did not thank Him for curing them, all except one. He knew what man was like, that they are easy to forget he who cured them. The fact that they were cured as all that the cared about.Man is selfish by his very nature.

Who lady do many thing in civil engg line?

A civil engineer.A civil engineer.A civil engineer.A civil engineer.

Who helped women get the right to vote?

There are many women who contributed to the cause of suffrage (called suffragettes) during the Progressive Era. Several include Elizabeth Stanton, Alice Paul, Carrie Catt, and, the most famous of all, Susan B. Anthony.Notable facts about Anthony include:She was arrested for voting in New York, practiced civil disobediance (puposely defying an unjust law), and was president of NAWSA (National Association of Women's Suffrage, started by Stanton).

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