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Mascara that is called clear mascara

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How do you make clear mascara at home?

Vaseline is clear, and it works just as well as any mascara.

Can you see clear mascara?

No you cant see it thats why its called CLEAR!

Why do some people use clear mascara on their eyebrows?

Some people use clear mascara on their eyebrows because it is a clear gel that can be applied to the eyebrows with a brush to tame them. It is also great for the eyelashes to put as a sealant over your mascara to stop it from smudging.

How do you use clear mascara?

Clear mascara can be used just like regular mascara. But it doesn't run black streaks down your cheeks and washes out easily. It's also good for shaping your eyebrows.

What is clear mascara for?

I it makes your eyelashes come out longer without the color for your whole eyelashes. Also, it will brighten and make your eyelashes sparkle and shine. (But, clear mascara does NOT work the greatest.)

My mascara smears under my eyes at the end of the day even though it's waterproof what's the best mascara to use that won't do that?

I usually use clear and normal mascara-after applying mascara, I coat it with a layer of clear mascara because this prevents it from smudging and going onto your face..and eyesbut the problem with this is that I usually find that my clear mascara tends to turn grey (i can see the colour on mine because it's a clear plastic holder(?) sorry, i don't know what it's called) so I need to replace it from time to time.i would recommend big fatty waterproof mascara urban decay. you can find this mascara at your local sephora. or anywhere else. i hoped that helped[:

Why do you get clumps in your eyelashes when you use mascara?

Because the mascara forms hardish lumps and when you brush it onto your eyes it stays there. Use a clear mascara over the top to brush away the clumps.

Does lipstick and mascara count as liquid?

Although lipstick and mascara are not particularly liquid-like, mascara may be considered liquid on certain flights. If you are going through security, toss your mascara into your clear bag for liquids. Most mascaras are small enough that they are easily within the 3 oz. limit.

What the rule for mascara in your purse when flying?

Mascara must be under 3 oz and in a clear bag for inspection like all other liquids. Otherwise, it must go in your checked luggage.

How do you convince your mom to let you wear clear mascara as a twelve year old?

well you can start off saying that its clear so it will not show up it helps keep my eyelashes curled with out that color But it wouldn't cause her any harm to wear clear mascara and its better than wearing colored so theres really no hurm

How do you make a waterproof mascara?

I don't think you can really make one, but you can buy one! If you have a mascara that you love to use but is not waterproof, a lot of the time they also make a waterproof version - look for it. But if they do not make one then you could try buying a waterproofing clear top coat mascara.

What is mascara in English?

Mascara is still mascara in English.

How do you make your eyes rounder without make up?

Use eyelash curlers, and maybe a bit of Clear Mascara (I know mascara is make up!) Urmm, and I'm not sure just try and experiment :)

Can mascara be carried on airpolanes?

You can bring mascara in your carry on luggage. To be on the safe side, put it in your clear plastic bag of liquids. It's already under 3 oz., so it's carry-on ready.

Crying black tears?

Don't be alarmed if you are crying black tears. It is just natural clear tears mixing with mascara.

Is mascara waterproof?

Not all mascara is water proof. But you can get water proof mascara just as easily as you can get non water proof mascara.

Is hair mascara the same as regular mascara?

no Hair mascara is like hair color

Is mascara allowed in carry on?

yesshh, i brought it on the flight to Australia last week, you have to put it in a clear plastic bag though (: x

What is Egyptian mascara?

mascara of the egyptian kind

Is mascara a liquid?

Mascara is a powder, not a liquid.

Who invented the first 'mascara'?

a very clever person, exept waterproof mascara is better

What mascara is least likely to run?

A mascara that is waterproof such as Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara.

What is it called to apply mascara?

The proper term is exactly what you said: "to apply mascara." As you are putting it on you are "applying mascara," and when you have it on you must have "applied mascara" earlier that day.

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