What is cliff in a sentence?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Cliff is a noun in a sentence. There are a few examples on how to say cliff in a sentence below.

Cliffhanger was hanging from a cliff.

The cliff proved to be dangerous.

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Q: What is cliff in a sentence?
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Make a sentence of word cliff?

Cliff Richard is the best. the cliff

How do you use cliff in sentence?

he was hanging off of a cliff.

What part of speech is cliff in the sentence The elephant is as wide as a cliff?

Cliff is a noun.

What is a sentence for cliff?

I have just driven over a cliff. This cliff is very steep and colorful.

How can you write a sentence with the word cliff?

While you are playing, be careful of the cliff.

How do you use in a sentence a cliff?

You're on a narrow road with a sheer cliff on your side.

How could you use downfall in a sentence?

He went downfall as he fell of the cliff.

How can i use Grapple in a sentence?

That man grappled on to that cliff and he was about to fall off.

What is an example of precariously in a sentence?

The schoolbus balanced precariously on the edge of the cliff.

How do you use the word lured in sentence?

He lured them to the edge of the cliff by use of distraction.

How to create a sentence with promontory?

The animals were standing on the cliff to over look the forest.

How do you use crackdown in a sentence?

like for exAMPLE:im gonna go and crackdown that cliff