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Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What is cole brown?

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Keyshia Cole and Chris Brown could like each other as friends, but not to date.

yes she does and it is white and brown

their hair is brown and they now sometimes die it blond

Her Eye Colour Is A Deep Brown

I'm Cole Sprouse and I find that to be a very personal question that I will not answer on the internet. Ask me in person.

Brown Hair, it shows on the front cover

Cause cole sprouse looks like hwoarang with a vest and with motorcycle goggles

Its naturally brown but that dye it blond but in the last week or so (march 2009) they have dyed it brown,

Dylan has brown eyes, and Cole has blue eyes.

Dylan and cole sprouse eye color are a hazel/brown......

from danielle dylan's eyes are brown and cole's are aqua

They didn't dye their hair brown, their hair just grew darker. If you were a blonde, you should know that. If you had a blonde headed friend, ask them and you'll know. You should still see those cute blonde hair on their hair. Ahhh... Dylan and Cole Sprouse. :) well there is your answer. They did NOT dye their hair brown

Dylan Sprouse dyed it for the film Kings of Appletown (2009).

brown hair hot funny weird dome and totally a hunk

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The cast of After Christmas - 2012 includes: Billy Aaron Brown as Cole

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