What is commercial software?

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Commercial software, or seldom payware, is computer software that is produced for sale or that serves commercial purposes.
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What is software and software engineering?

A software is a set of machine readable instructions to runhardware! Software engineering is, however, the study and an application ofengineering to the design, development and maintenance of software.

Why is documentation of software necessary for the software?

Answer . Software documentation is not needed if the code and concept is perfect -- but that'll never happen. Seriously, documentation is needed for debuggging problems, modifications as times/requirements change, to figure out how hackers/crackers exploit loop-holes (and what those loop-holes a ( Full Answer )

What is the best software for composing a software?

I think the term of composing a software is wrong.The correct is developing a software . There is no best software for developing software. It's highly related to what software you are interested to develop. Maybe you mean to develop a software? It's up to what you plan to develop exactly. Just try ( Full Answer )

What is Commercialization?

Commercialization is when a company decides to launch it's new product into the market place. Commercialization requires the building of a marketing plan and budget to launch the product. Successful commercialization will ultimately lead to or exceed predicted sales forecasts.

How do you be in a commercial?

if you listen to the radio or even read certain amgazines, there are things called casting calls that let all sorts of people in to audition to possibly become in commercials, movie, and t.v. shows.

What software is included in system software?

System software is a computer software which provide a platform for application software. There a four types of system software: . Operating systems - like Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX . Compilers . Interpreters and . Assemblers Some examples of system software include: . BIOS . ( Full Answer )

What is the time limit to return software for a refund according to UCC - universal commercial code aka uniform commercial code?

The UCC simply states... . § 2-608. Revocation of Acceptance in Whole or in Part. . (1) The buyer may revoke his acceptance of a lot or commercial unit whose non-conformity substantially impairs its value to him if he has accepted it. (a) on the reasonable assumption that its non-conformit ( Full Answer )

What is commercialism?

Commercialism is emphasising making profits. Attitudes and practices concerning making money by putting profit first, quality second.

What are the systems software and application software?

Systems software refers to the computer programs that allow the machine to operate correctly.\nApplications software are the programs that you run to do your wordprocessing, game-playing, emails, etcetera.

How do you get in a commercial?

people videotape you and put it in a computer and edit it and change a few thing that's all.

What is the difference between commercial and personal software license?

A personal software license is what you get automatically when you purchase a software title at the store. It lets you load the program on your home computer and use it.. A commercial software license is intended for business use and specifies the number of computers the software may be used by, wh ( Full Answer )

How can you be in a commercial?

Get some experience first. Somewhere in your city or a near by city you will have a theater group. Try out!!! To find one research it on line. Type in "theater groups in ____________ ( your town). Then once you've been in 1 0r 2 plays or something of that matter.

What is software that can create a software?

The software which can create other software is actually termed as language and most preferably computer language. Computer language like C, C++, C#, VISUAL BASIC, JAVA, etc, are very popular through which advanced softwares, games, mobile apps, etc are developed. You can buy MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO ( Full Answer )

What software is used to create the Apple Mac commercials?

The apple mac commercials are not made by the apple company they are made by the promotions company they hired. Especific software from apple is not used. It is camera procedures and effects which are used to make them. This has been the question to take me the longest to find the answer which came ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between open source software and commercial software?

commercial software is made for profit. it is maintained by a company, and it's code is a trade secret, hidden, "closed source", because you can't see it (and therefore steal it) open source software is free to use. it is created not for profit, typically maintained by a community of individuals. ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of using open source and commercial software?

Open source and commercial software are not opposites. The advantage of commercial software is, that it is supported and maintained by somebody (a company) that one can call. Open source software has the advantage that the code can be inspected and further developed by anyone wanting to improve ( Full Answer )

What is a system software and a application software?

System software is the OS, which is the backbone of your pc, the user interface that aloes you to use you computer and read, write and modify files. Application software is the programs you buy or download to run your pc or application software is a set of programs that accomplishes user specific ( Full Answer )

What are 'system software' and 'software engineering'?

Reliability is the probability that an engineering system will perform its intended function satisfactorily (from the viewpoint of the customer) for its intended life under specified environmental and operating conditions. Maintainability is the probability that maintenance of the system will retain ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of commercial software?

As you know, there three types of software: 1) Open-source 2) Shareware 3) Commercial Advantages of Commercial Software: - All program`s features are included; - No restrictions; - No time limits; - No user limits. [unless your license is per user] Drawbacks: - You have to pay b ( Full Answer )

System software and utility software?

System software is the software that usually runs the machine such as Windows 7 or other operating systems. Utility software is software that is used to perform small tasks such as drivers and anti virus.

Is there any software that makes software?

Software is programed in any computer language. There is software you use to make other but it depends on the language you are programing!!! Software for used to write software: C/C++ - Dev-Cpp, CodeBlocks, Eclipse Java - Eclipse Python - IDLE

How do software engineers create software?

Software engineers create software by writing what wecall programs. Programs are written in different programming languages such as C,Java, BASIC, C#, C++, Pascal and many others. The language used canbe seen as the idiom in which software engineers communicate withcomputers. A program is basica ( Full Answer )

What are systems software and application software?

very easy, the system software is the base, like windows, mac os lion, linux, the application software run on the system software, like windows live messenger, coda, or gimp, sorry my bad english i dont know speak it, bye.

Types of software in Microsoft software?

Hi, Microsoft is the famous software giant. Its main production covers as following: Operation System: MS-DOS, windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Azure. Application Software: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Games For Windows,etc.

How can you get on a commercial?

On Radio: be able to read word-perfectly and have the kind of voice commercials want. Get well known for your acting ability and become a voice-over artist. On TV: Voice-over: as for Radio. You in video: become a celebrity.

How do you get on a commercial?

Usually in the news there would say something like "fommericail tryout" and you go to the address that it states and tryout.

Why software is software?

Hardware is a mouse, keyboard, etc. Software is the programs you have. Its called software because you can't hold it.

What is software. Explain types of software?

software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data instructions, often broken into two major categories they are, (i) system software:- System s/w that provides the basic non - task - specific functions of the coomputer. (ii) application software:- Application s/w which is used b ( Full Answer )

Does driver software is an system software?

No, Driver Software is Software made for any Device and not for the system . Like any Computer having Realtek Sound Adapter on its MotherBoard so they will provide a setup which is a Device Driver Software . Eventually Operating System Dont have the commands and any programming to control the Device ( Full Answer )

Why do you have software?

Software is a digital replacement for a hardware solution. At the core, the microprocessor uses program instructions (software) to emulate results of hardware electronic circuitry. The short answer, it's why you can have a computer UNDER your desk or IN your pocket.

Is software the same as software application?

Parts are, but by definition, they are different things. Application software can be defined as: . Designed to help the user to perform a singular or multiple related specific tasks. . A set of computer programs which work together to solve a particular problem or to be used for a particular us ( Full Answer )

Does the open source software include all of the major features of the commercial product?

In theory, an open source software can do better than the commercial counter part - because of the free-will and openness. But in reality, NO, the open source version DOES NOT have the same major features of the commercial product. . The major features of both versions will not be the same, and ( Full Answer )

What is software?

Software is a term for a set of instructions, which makes a computer to perform a task. The set of instructions are commonly known as a program, without which computers cannot do any operations. A software is classified broadly in to two groups, application software, which includes normal utility ap ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy software development software?

You can buy software development software at stores such as BestBuy, Future Shop, and others. You can ask for assistance in lookingfor the software you want and wish to purchase. Alternatively you can also purchase online from sites likesoftwarebestdeals.com

Is the open source software a viable alternation to the commercial product?

Open source software are not always free. Some of them can be commercial software. In the same way, some freeware are not open source. The term "Open Source" means the source code can be viewed by anyone but some open source products should be buy. Furthermore, a free software is not always a g ( Full Answer )

Can you use Linux software is commercial?

Yes, you can use Linux software commercially, depending on thelicence issued by the software developer. A lot is free entirely,some are free for home (non-commercial) use only, whilst some comewith a commercial licence fee to pay.

What is the purpose of commercial property management software?

The primary purpose of commercial property management software is to make it easy for commercial property managers to run their rent rolls. The software facilitates accounting and billing procedures and provides reminders among other things.

What software is best to capture a signature for offset printing at a commercial printer?

There are many software packages that capture physical signatures for electronic documents, but none can be found that are specifically designed and optimized for use at a commercial printing facility. Many are optimized for electronically signing official documents or capturing signatures authorizi ( Full Answer )

Where can one download commercial software?

Depending of what software one seeks to download one can start looking at the manufacturers website. One can also try to search on CNET Download or similar sites.

Who would need commercial property software?

Commercial property software would need to be used by developers, municipalities, real estate trust companies and large corporations, as well as others.