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What is compulsive lier?

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I am a compulsive liar, we cant help it, we lie about anything small and sometimes huge, its starts when youre younger just to get attention or just from elaborating the the truth and making it sound better and then it grows into an incontrolable monster,we don't intentianally do i tot hurt people, i guess we do it to keep people on our side but when you tell one lie you often have to tell another to keep it going, it can be anything from a lie about your grades at school or being dying from an illness. i hate that it exists because all i really want to do is be normal, it gets worse and more insane when we feel were not in control of situations around us, for example when i have problems with partners i lie to try have a grasp on my life. we don't even realise we lie until after we say it, it just comes out and its hurtful to anyone involved, we look like were manipulators and spiteful people but in reality we just want to be loved and don't feel good enough, ive lost so much through lying, people i hav truley loved have left me because they cant cope and i cant stop. I am so unhappy because of the i act and i cant make it go away and all i want to do is be the perfect girlfriend for my partner because i love him so much and yet he hates me because he figured it all out and that to me is the worst punishment i will ever have. To anyone that's ever been lied to i am sorry and we don't mean to we really don't want to hurt anyone, we just want ot be wanted

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IAN DARRAH that is the name for a complusive lier

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