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It means "Who are you going with."

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Q: What is con quien vas in English?
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Adonde vas y con quien vas?

"Where are you going and who are you going with?"

What does con quien mean in english?

Con quien means "with whom"

What does 'conquien' mean in English?

"Conquien" is Spanish for "with whom". For example: Conquien vas a ir? ~ Who are you going with? Con quien not Conquien El hombre con quien hablabas= the man with whom you were speaking. This also translates perfectly into the less formal : The man you were speaking to

What does con quien estas mean in English?

"Who are you with?"

What does quien habla con mean in English?

no hable con maria

What does con quien practica el espanol Marie mean in English?

con quien practica el espanol maria

What does con quien mean?

it means with (con) who/m (quien)! I'm learning Spanish but there you go.

What does a quien Le escribe usted cartas con frecuencia mean in English?

Who do you frequently write letters to?

How do you say with who in Spanish?

"Con quien", with who.

COMO vas con tu marido mean in English?

It is something like: "How is your relationship with your husband going?"

How do you say in English 'y como puedo saber con quien estoy hablando'?

It means "And how can I know with whom I am speaking?"

What does dime si te vas con el mean in English?

Yes, tell me.