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Conferious means a tree that can stay warm in the winter and also the neddles can help it stay warm....... that is what conferious means.

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How do you pronounce coniferious?


What lives in a coniferious forest?

Pine trees

When the biome shed there leaves which biome is this?

Forest, to be excact Coniferious Forest

In which countries are coniferous forests located?

in which countries are coniferious forests located?

Dominant plant life for coniferious forest?

What is the dominant plant life for the coniferous forest?

What eats a coniferous tree?

A ant would because they eat what is called a gunterasious and that has it on a coniferious tree

What is non-coniferous wood?

Non-coniferious wood is wood from trees that are not gymnospermous trees that bear cones, such as pines and firs.

What are the different types of forest ecosystem?

coniferious, temperate decidious and rainforest. yea ok that is right everyone that is reading this i just want to say this is true. This is another way to say them are tundra,taiga and tempreate rainforest.. <3

What type of producers grow in the taiga?

There are many producers found in the taiga, including moss (sphagnum, club); lichen, berries (crowberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes, red baneburry); various trees (birch, aspen, spruce, coniferious, alder, pine); and many more.

How do needle-like leaves and scale-like leaves help coniferious trees?

The needle-like leaves and scale-like leaves help the coniferous trees by conserving water loss with the wax coating. The also give the tree more surface area for photosynthesis.

Is a coniferous forest the same as a taiga?

Taiga is another word for the Boreal Forest Biome, which consists of coniferous trees and evergreens. So I suppose a coniferious forest would fall under the Boreal Forest Biome; which is also called the Taiga. So yes, a coniferous forest is the same as the Taiga.