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Well, there is a lot of ambiguity about what is and what is not considered middle and upper middle class.

According to sociologists such as Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College the upper middle class constitutes about 15% of households. Its members are very highly educated professionals with great autonomy in the work place. Graduate degrees are very common and educational attainment serves as the main distinguishing feature of this class. (Gilbert, 2002; Ehrenreich, 1989) Household incomes vary depending on how many income earners there are within a household. One-earner upper middle class households may have incomes in the high 5-figure range while married couple household commonly have incomes in excees of $100,000. (Gilbert, 2002; Thompson & Hickey, 2005) In 2005, the top 15% of personal income for individual earners were those making $62,500 or more. (US Census Bureau, 2006)


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Q: What is considered upper middle class in the US?
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What are the US social groups?

Marketers target different classes of people with products and services suited to their needs. The first designation of social class groups is determined by wealth, Income, education and occupatiion. I think acedemics are placed in a class of their own. However, there are basically six (6) classes. 1. Upper-Upper Class 2. Upper Class 3. Upper Middle Class 4. Middle Class 5. Lower Middle Class 6. Lower Class.

What percent in the US is upper class middle class and lower class?

The percentage of the United States people divided into economic classes from 2005 is: Upper Class ( >$200k per Year) (about 1.5%) Upper Middle Class ( $75k - $100k ) (about 15%) Lower Middle Class ( $35k - $75k ) (about 32%) Working Class ( $15 - $30k ) (about 32%) Lower Class ( $8k and below) (ca. 14% - 20%)

Hey your dad makes 50000 a year and your mom makes 25000 a year what US sociala class would you fall into?

Upper middle class.

Can you apply the urban sector model to a major city in the US?

Sure, Indianapolis. It has an upper class sector extending to the north surrounded by middle class with lower class to the south.

Was the progressive era was a middle class movement that was designed to change the political system and social economic system of the US?

The progressive era was a combination of middle class , upper middle class and even higher classes that challenged the hierarchies of the rigid political system, bureaucracy in social system with initial monopolistic economic growth prospects.

Is Iraq a low income country?

No, it's income level is considered upper middle income (source: TheWorldBank) with an average GDP of 222.9 billion US dollars.

Where is the Ozone Park located in the US?

The Ozone Park is a neighborhood in Queens, New York, United States. It is an upper middle class neighborhood with a population in 2000 of 52,275. It was created in 1882.

What if there were no economic classes Upper middle lower class in the US?

This simply, would not happen, since there are always different traits that distinguish individuals in society (whether it be wealth, power, or prestige).

Where did the upper class sit at the globe theatre?

the upper class sat in the theatre galleries who would often rent straw pillows to us on the wooden benches

What is the average yearly income of a middle class family in the US?

for one income families (in 2006) dollars, it's about $50K a year. for two incomes it's about $60K or so. the middle class is also considered in the $100K range in certain areas of the country. it's a large range.

Is the US a classless society?

Nope. There is most definitely a lower class - middle class - upper class. But that's OK really. Because movement between the classes is allowed. With hard work - education - determination - you can move all the way up. Without it you can move all the way down.

Is Sarah palin middle class?

Sarah Palin's salary as governor of Alaska is reported to be $125,000 plus an additional $60,000 in reimbursable expenses. Her husband's salary has been reported as $93,000. This combined income is well above what the Census Bureau considers middle class. According to the Census' most recent data their middle class definition is: Median income for married households was just shy of $70,000 in 2006. The range of the middle 20 percent was approximately $57,000 to $83,000, and the range of the "Baucus middle class"—the middle 60 percent—was about $35,500 to $122,000. This $122,000 figure, then, represents the highest possible income that a married household could accurately call middle income, or "middle class." Hence, Sarah Palin may want us to think of her family as being middle class but her salary alone places her family into the upper class.

What are the expenses of an average middle class US citizen?

The average expenses of a middle class United States citizen is $3600 per month.

What is the real percentage of the Middle Class in the US?


What is the color of the Republicans?

Im not really sure if u mean skin color or party color. The party color is red. Most republicans are white and upper class. White and upper class? Just because most blacks voted for Obama doesn't make us all white. And most Republicans are middle class. But I'm probably biased, cuz in Massachusetts, everyone is a Democrat.

What is the pay for a us cop?

It is too variable to give a generalized answer. Ranges from the upper 20's to the mid and upper 40 thousand dollar range would not be unusual. Some agencies pay what is barely considered a living wage and others pay quite handsome middle-class salaries. SInce officers are hired and paid by their local governments it can vary tremednously depending on the area of the country you are in, and tax base and cost of living in the area.

In the US what percentage of the population is occupied by the elite upper class?

1 percent

How do demographic factors affect the way people in the US view political questions?

1. A Person's Annual Income Bracket (low-class, middle-class, upper-class, etc) 2. Level of Education (High school, Bachelors, Masters, PhD) 3. Mother Language/Speakable Language.

Were the authors of the US Constitution upper class members?

Yes, they were. The only one who was not from the upper class was George Washington. So much so, that the requirements to be president were lowered, so Washington could become the President

What are some of the unwritten qualifications that most President's have met?

White, male, Christian (Protestant), married

Which statement is true about the middle class in the US today?

All of the above.

Is Barack Obama Arabian?

No. President Obama is an American through and through, watching out for us in the middle class and for our Constitutional rights of a democracy. He is considered African-American. His father's side of the family is from Kenya and his mother's family from the US. He was born in Hawaii as a natural born citizen of the US.

According to social-conflict theorists who has the power in the power-elite model of government found in the US?

The upper class

Roughly 40 to 45 percent of the US population falls within the largest social class of?

The middle class

Is house of representative a lower or upper house?

In both the US and Australia is it considered the lower house.