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mostly cook a la carte food

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2013-09-05 07:36:43
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Q: What is conventional kitchen?
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What kind of kitchen is conventional?

A conventional kitchen is one where all the food items are cooked from scratch from fresh produce, e.g. Bread is baked at the institute, the salads are freshly prepared etc. No/little convenience foods are bought for use in a conventional kitchen. A conventional kitchen is equipped with the appropriate equipment to facilitate the extensive cooking and baking processes required.

What should you do if your trainer is really mean to you?

The conventional wisdom is: If you can't stand the heat, you get out of the kitchen.

How powerful is 30kW?

About enough to run 3 conventional kitchen ovens or 30 microwave cookers or 300 hundred watt lightbulbs.

What does water run down?

In a conventional household, water from a kitchen or bathroom sink flows down a drain. This drain leads to a storage compartment that is periodically emptied.

Definition of conventional and non conventional energy?

Definition of conventional and non conventional energy

How is conventional sources of energy different from conventional sources?

Conventional sources are the same as conventional sources.

What is the Abbreviation for conventional?


Is uranium a conventional or non conventional resource?

Uranium is a conventional resource.

What is conventional technology?

This is the technology that is conventional

Is hydro power conventional or non conventional energy?

It is conventional because water is natural

Which is a better source of energy conventional and non conventional sources of energy?

non conventional

What is conventional septic tank?

A tank that is conventional

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What kind of kitchen is conventional?

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