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Cooking means applying heat to food. Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat selecting, measuring and combing ingredient's. And making sure its edible. The term is often used in the narrower sense of applying heat to chemicaly transform a food to change flavor, texture, apperence or nutritional feature.
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Q: What is cooking?
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What is cooking with passion?

cooking with passion is to love cooking and enjoy it to have a Passion for cooking

How do you get a cooking license?

You get a cooking license by going to cooking school!

Is cooking an adjective?

Cooking can be used as an adjective--a cookingutensil.

What is nutritional cooking?

Its healthy cooking such as vegan food cooking

What are cooking liquids?

Cooking liquids are liquids you use in cooking

What is a cooking term?

A cooking term is a term used in cooking.

How do you translate oven cooking to pressure cooking?

Oven cooking is a non-pressurized method of cooking that cooks slower through convection and radiant heat methods. Pressure cooking is a pressurized, fast cooking method that speeds up the cooking process. If you have the time, oven cooking is preferred, but if you wish to save energy and time, pressure cooking is the way to go.

How do you get a cooking skill on sims 3 ambitions?

The cooking skill is just like in the base game. You get the cooking skill from cooking.

What are the different areas of commercial cooking?

Production cooking(large scale factory cooking), retail cooking (resturant, deli)

What are some names of cooking homestyle books?

There are thousands of that kind of books available. Some of them are Southen Living: Homestyle Cooking, Homestyle Middle Eastern Cooking, Homestyle Indian Cooking, Homestyle Chinese Cooking, Homestyle Italian Cooking or Portuguese Homestyle Cooking.

What is the definition of professional cooking?

Professional cooking is cooking for other people as a profession.

Which game is better cooking guide or What is cooking by jamie oliver?

Cooking guide

Is cooking oil element?

Cooking oil is not an element. Cooking oil is a compound.

What does uncovered mean in cooking?

Uncovered in cooking means cooking with no lid or covering.

What is the audience of cooking?

What is the audience of cooking

What are the terminologies in cooking?

what is the termenogies in cooking

What is bayou cooking?

its cooking from Norway

What is what is different commericial cooking and home cooking?

Home cooking is just for family. Commercial cooking clients are paying and expect quality.

Can the word cooking be an adverb?

The word cooking can fill a number of grammatical roles; as a verb, I am cooking dinner, as a noun, I like your cooking, as an adjective, I have a large cooking pot. But no, it does not work as an adjective.

What is invection cooking?

The correct term is induction cooking instead of invection cooking. Induction cooking heat only the area of the cooktop that the cookware is sitting on. It is a fast and even cooking method.

What is the difference between slow cooking and presure cooking?

in slow cooking the meat has a longer cooking time in pressure cooking the meat or whatever gets more tender and tastes better.

The three times to wash when cooking are?

Before cooking During cooking After handing if food

Is cooking spray organic?

It depends on where you get the cooking spray, but yes, cooking spray can be organic.

What are the aims and objectives of cooking?

To satisfy whoever you are cooking for, or even to win a cooking competition.

What is the meaning of cooking term?

Cooking terms are words and phrases that are used in the activity of cooking.

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