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In this case, if the car is not recovered, the insurance company will take into consideration the book value of the vehicle, any modifications made such as rims, stereo equipment, and repairs made (WITH receipts only) and offer you a settlement. Please keep in mind that this is non-negotiable considering they did not have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle. Speak to the adjuster asap.

2006-09-12 16:48:21
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Q: What is covered if your vehicle is stolen before you have your insurance inspection?
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What types of vehicles are covered in a typical RV insurance policy?

Any type of motor home or recreational vehicle is covered by a typical RV policy. Even travel trailers are covered by an RV insurance policy. Before you purchase your policy, though, talk to a qualified insurance agent to make sure you are adequately covered.

When you buy a used car what are the steps to making it legal?

In Manitoba every vehicle and RV must go through a rigorous inspection before you are allowed to license it. In Alberta if it is less than 10 years old you are not required to have it inspected for registration unless it comes from out of province but most insurance companies will require an inspection before insurance is issued.

When do you have to get insurance on a new car?

You need insurance on a new car BEFORE you even drive it off the lot. Get a quote before purchasing the vehicle and have it saved by your agent. Then the day you purchase the vehicle, have the VIN in hand, and purchase the insurance before picking up the vehicle.

What happens if your car gets inpounded for no insurance no registration and no inspection in pa?

You will have to pay fines if your car gets impounded for no insurance, registration, and inspection in PA. You will have to registration before the car is released.

Can you have an expired inspection ticket dismissed in Nassau county if you get the vehicle inspected immediately?

Yes, a person can have an expired inspection ticket dismissed if they get the vehicle inspected before the court date. It is very important to have a safe vehicle on the road.

Can you get insurance before getting vehicle registration?

No you can't. I'm having the same problem! In Michigan the Secretary of State requires a vehicle to be insured before you can register it but my insurance company requires the vehicle be registered in my name before they will insure it!

If you have cancer and get married will you be covered on your husbands health insurance?

if you have cancer before you are married, it will most likely be considered a pre-existing condition and it will not be covered by insurance.

When should a lift truck inspection be done?

Before and after operation. A Heavy Equipment Inspection Report (similar to a Drivers Vehicle Inspection Report for heavy duty trucks) is supposed to be filled out.

What is a deductible in auto insurance?

A deductible in any kind of insurance is, basically, the minimum amount before the insurance "kicks in." On any repairs covered by your insurance, you will have to pay the deductible amount before the insurance will pay anything.

Are newly licensed drivers covered by their parents insurance for a certain period of time until they can set up their own insurance?

You may need to get your insurance company to add the new driver on with a rider clause to be covered. It is possible that your coverage will allow the new driver, but, some insurance companies do not allow new drivers to be on the parents insurance, They make the new driver get an insurance policy on his or her license before they will cover them in the parents car. Check with your agent before you let the new driver operate the vehicle alone or you may loose your insurance.

If you just bought a new second car and haven't put insurance on it yet and it hails will insurance cover it anyway and if not why do the dealership need to see proof of insurance?

Auto insurance typically takes effect upon purchase of a vehicle and will include a time & date - you need to have that vehicle insured before it hails. Note that liability insurance doesn't cover hail damage. If you're replacing a vehicle and transferring tags & call your insurance company within the hour of buying the auto, you may be covered. The dealer/seller assumes all liability until insurance coverage is obtained, not necessarily when the vehicle is actually sold. So....the seller is going to want to see that proof of insurance. That should be done concurrently with that sale. E.g., when you test drive a vehicle the vehicle is covered by the dealer's policy(s) and sometimes your own, current liability insurance on a vehicle you own. This all depends on how much risk you are on the road in any vehicle and who currently insures your 1st vehicle. If you don't provide proof of insurance and finance a new vehicle, the lien holder also has an vested interest and wants to be recoup any possible loss. They'll want that proof of full coverage insurance before you get behind the wheel as a new owner. Additionally, if the dealer either arranges financing or they are a finance agent, they're obligated to assure the vehicle is fully insured for their protection of investment before you take possession.

Do tractor trailers need their annual inspection to be signed off before they can be registered?

An up-to-date inspection is a prerequisite for registering ANY road going vehicle.

Do you need personal insurance to drive a comerical vehicle?

No, you can get a commercial policy for a commercial vehicle. If it's for a company you work for, I would make sure they had proper insurance before you drove the vehicle.

Do you have to have an examination done before you buy home insurance?

If by an examination you mean a formal home inspection, no you do not have to have an examination done before you buy home insurance, at least where I live (Texas). This may vary by insurance company or by state.

Can you drive a relative's car if they have no insurance but you have full comprehensive insurance on your car?

Generally, the insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. The only time I am aware that your insurance covers a vehicle, other than the one described on your policy, is if you buy another vehicle to replace the one described on the declarations page. If your covered auto is in the shop for repairs, and your relative loans you his/her uninsured vehicle for you to drive while yours is being repaired, then your policy would likely provide coverage. I would call the claims department of your insurance company to get confirmation before risking it.

What is comp auto insurance?

Comp, also referred to as comprehensive auto insurance coverage, is a form of coverage that is designed to pay to repair or replace your vehicle in certain situations. Covered scenarios that comprehensive auto insurance would pay include: theft, vandalism, fire, explosion, hail damage, wind damage, or hitting a live animal. The insurance company will pay up to the fair market value of your vehicle for repairs or replacing the vehicle. You will be responsible for paying your comprehensive deductible before the insurance company will payout.

Does gap insurance with CU-NA mutual covered fire loss on auto?

Gap insurance is not primary insurance coverage. You would have to have comprehensive insurance on the vehicle first. After comprehensive coverage pays the actual cash value of the vehicle if it is a total loss, then GAP would pay any difference in the ACV and the balance of the loan on the vehicle. GAP will not take the place of comprehensive insurance in this case. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency and have for the part 22 years. Before that I worked as an agent for a direct writer insurance company.

Do you get the suggested retail value for vehicle?

You may not get the suggested retail value for your vehicle. However, this depends on who you sell it to. When making an auto insurance claim, you will get what the insurance company thinks the value of the vehicle is before the accident.

How long do you have to get plates and insurance once you buy a new vehicle?

If you already have insurance and trade in your car you have 10 days to notify your insurance company or your new car will not be covered.

Is your new car purchase covered until you get to insurance office?

No, you need to get the insurance arranged before you pick up the new car.

Who is responsible for insurance when test drive a car on the roads and highway?

Test driving a vehicle with the salesperson in the vehicle. They should put a dealers tag on the vehicle before you left the lot. It will fall into the dealerships insurance policy.

Do you need car insurance to get your drivers license?

In VA you must provide proof of insurance before you get your license if you own a vehicle

How long can you have a vehicle before you have to get insurance?

You should add immediately but if you have an existing policy, you do have 30 days to add the vehicle but under the same coverage you currently have. For example if you currently insure an old vehicle with liability only and you go purchase a brand new vehicle it would be covered immediately but just with the liability only. You would want full coverage on a new vehicle.

What term policy are often found in a mortgage insurance?

Typical term policies in mortgage insurance include terms on the homeowners out of pocket deductible before a claim can be paid out by an insurance company. Also it will often list what is covered and what is not. Flood insurance is not typically covered and costs extra.

Can an insurance co give you insurance without a license?

yes in my state i had to get insurance before i could get my license back Yes, Every State requires you have an insured vehicle before before you can even take the driving test to get your license.