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A "CRANKBAIT" is a broad classification of manufactured lures designed to imitate the natural foods fish eat. Generally a crankbait has many or all of the following characteristics; * a wood or plastic hard body * one or more treble hooks distributed along the body * a head section/front (that includes an eyelet for tying on the line, and may or may not include a lip/bill, or hardware that imparts action, vibration, flash, or sound) and * a tail section (where usually one of the smaller treble hooks is attached). * painted/imprinted features that resemble the eyes, gills and other body parts, or contours of the targeted fish's natural prey. Crankbaits come in a wide assortment of sizes, weights, shapes and colors. They may be a) cast and recovered using a variety of retrieves employed by the angler, or b) trolled behind a moving boat. The design or body style of some crankbaits creates a particular action, vibration or sound when retrieved steadily, while these features on others models depend upon the practiced skills of the angler to impart the artificial allurement that imitates the natural movements of a fish's favorite prey. Crankbaits are generally designed to attract fish in a specific depth range (topwater, shallow, medium, and deep divers), therefore an assortment of crankbaits must be acquired if an angler is to successfully cover all levels of the water column.
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What is the difference between crankbait and spinner bait?

A spinner bait is made of led with a thin steel wire embedded in it along with a hook. The wire may be straight or bent like a safety pin. On the wire there will be one or two spinners shaped like a tear drop or willow tree leaf. At the hook end there will be attached a skirt of rubber stranded mate ( Full Answer )