What is crash in Japanese?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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You may use the verb 'butsukaru,' written: 打つかる

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Q: What is crash in Japanese?
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How do you say Crash in Japanese romaji?


Which Japanese singer died in plane crash?

Kyu Sakamoto

What Japanese pilots crash there planes into American ships?

Kamikaze pilotsof the Japanese army sent on suicidal missions for bombardment

How do you say plane crash in Japanese?

'Plane crash' would be translated as 飛行機事故 (hikouki jiko) in Japanese. The pronunciation would be something like "hee-co-key jee-co".

Who is Japanese crash cryptic clue to pop group or artist?

The Clash - think of the accent!

Did the Japanese send kamikazes during the attack on pearl harbor?

No, however some Japanese pilots that were shot down or damaged tried to crash their aircraft into something important.

Who were the suicide attackers that would crash their planes into American warships during World War 2?

Japanese kamikazes

What were Japanese crash boats?

they were simple boats packed with explosives and crashed into allied ships in world war 2.

Suicidal Japanese Airplace Attrack?

Kamikaze pilots would crash into their enemies for the good of their country during World War II.

How did suicide bombers help the Japanese?

They would crash their planes into buildings, ships, or other planes to take them down [dying in the process] =[

What was the timeline for the Great Depression?

The great depression started with the "Crash of 1929" and ended with the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

What do kamikaze do?

They are young Japanese men who were air force trained during the World War II. The were suicide pilots who would purposely crash their planes loaded with explosives, into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to save the Japanese Empire.