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Credential creep is the trend whereby the credentials required for a certain position are increasing. This may happen when a professional organization increases the entry to practice requirements for the profession, or it may be the result of "one-upsmanship" among candidates for a job, creating a kind of de facto increase in required credentials for a position.
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What is Creep?

Creep is a phenomenon of a sample to deform against time atparticular temperature. Creep is the tendency of a solid materialto slowly move or deform permanently under the influence ofstresses. It occurs as a result of long term exposure to levels ofstress that are below the yield strength or ultima ( Full Answer )

What is the credentials for petiatricians?

Formal education and training requirements for physicians are among the most demanding of any occupation-4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of internship and residency, depending on the specialty selected. A few medical schools offer combined undergraduate a ( Full Answer )

What are Piaget's credentials?

Jean Piaget was a Swiss developmental psychologist. He was educatedat the University of Neuchatel and the University of Zurich. Hetaught at the Grange-Aux-Belles Street School for Boys where hebegan developing theories on developmental psychology.

Who sings creep?

There are two bands that sing it. one of them is by radiohead and another is by TLC

What are the credentials for ministers?

Credentials for a church minister are ordination, regular license,associate license and specialized ministry license. ChurchMinisters offer spiritual guidance and officiate weddings, funeralsand baptisms.

What is creep in concrete?

Creep is what happens when concrete changes form because ofpressure or load on the concrete. It can occur immediately or longterm.

What is does creep?

There are many things that creep. These things include but are notlimited to animals, insects, and even human beings.

What is creeping socialism?

Any move to extend power to the people. . Actually, any move to extend power to the government.

What is soil creep?

soil creep is the slowest form of mass movement. the expansion and contraction of the water within soil is the main cause of it. wetting causes the soil to expand and to move downslope under the influence of gravity.

What is scope creep?

Scope creep happens when the defined scope a project is increased during the development phase.. It is called creep because it tends to happens slowly.. For example: A project was defined to handle $US. Everybody agreed to the scope ($US). Then somebody tries to add handling of the Euro and the ( Full Answer )

What is the Creeping Barrage?

A creeping barrage is an artillary barrage that slowly "creeps" up the field of battle towards the enemy lines. The primary usage of the creeping barrage is to create cover for the soon-to-be advancing soldiers rather then kill enemy troops.

Credential for a pharmacist?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the education and training required for pharmacists. A license is required in all States and the District of Columbia, as well as in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In order to obtain a lic ( Full Answer )

What is creep speed?

Creep speed is a very slow, constant rate of motion of the trolleyor bridge, usually established at 1% to 10% of the normal fullspeed. It is used on hoists, bridges, and trolleys.

What is creeping?

\ncreeping in measuring instruments is rotation of al disc in them even when there is no current flowing through current coil

What is a creep meter?

It is a measurement device to determine if slow movement is taking place between two parts of an object. An example is two sides of a potential earthquake fault line or rocks on a cliff that may produce an avalanche. Creep meters an be made from piezoelectric sensors that measure changes in the r ( Full Answer )

What is polar creep?

In the waters of the Polar Regions, it has been said that water here has high salinity (therefore also a high density) because when the seawater freezes, most of the salt stays behind in the unfrozen seawater. As this water moves, it meets up with warmer water therefore it sinks deep beneath the su ( Full Answer )

How do you get press credentials?

What you do is you email he PR or Media Relations Director of the event you are attending. You want to email or contact that person by telephone and tell them what your looking for. Make sure you include what media outlet your with and it's not bad to have an editor back you up on the request for a ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with creeping?

A smattering of words that rhyme with creeping includes: sleeping, steeping, bleeping, and heaping. Try using a rhyming dictionary such as this one to find more: http://www.rhymezone.com/

How does creep work?

creep is term used for failure of materials under constant load at elevated temperatures. Eg: lathe bed.

Who sang Creep?

"Creep" was written and recorded by the British band Radiohead and released as their debut single in 1992. It later appeared on their debut album "Pablo Honey" in mid-1993. You can purchase an MP3 of that song here: http://www.amazon.com/Creep-Explicit/dp/B000TRS4R0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1345 ( Full Answer )

What is creeping stem?

It is a stem that 'creeps' along the ground... Basically it reaches out from the roots and stretch outwards along grounds and grow leaves. The function is to gain a larger exposed surface area for the plant to photosynthesize more!

What is creep resistance?

creep resistance is a slow down in the speed of dislocations within a crystal structure

What are creeping animals?

Creeping animals are those that move about by creeping. Examples are snakes, worms, and caterpillars.

Credential in a sentence?

Credential is usually plural: "before giving a teaching position, the university will scrutinize your credentials."

What is a credential society?

Credential society is a society in which determined eligibility for jobs based on diplomas and or degrees, even though they may be irrelevant to the actual work. Credentials are seen as badges of ability. Credentials are also sorting and screening device. Randall Collin argued that the primary socia ( Full Answer )

What animals creep?

If by creep, you mean sneak or hide around, then many. A lot of big cats creep and then pounce on their prey. Also domestic cats, following their relatives instinct. Other hunting animals will creep around until they need to attack. Hope this helps!

Is creep a verb?

The word creep (as in movement) is a verb, because it expresses action. Is the word creep (slang) is describing a repulsive person, then it is a noun.

What is a seismic creep?

Seismic creep is the constant or periodic movement on a fault as contrasted with the sudden rupture associated with an earthquake. It is an usually slow deformation of rock resulting from constant stress being applied over a period of time.

What is creep in printing?

Creep: Phenomenon of middle pages of a folded signature extending slightly beyond outside pages. Also called feathering, out push, push out, and thrust.

What is creep abrasion?

Creep is the slow mass movement of soil particles down a slope. Itis so slow that we do not see it happen. Creep is often shown inthe form of tilted objects along the slope.

What is the synonym for creep?

Edge, tiptoe, steal, sneak, approach unnoticed, bore, pest, wet blanket, bummer, pain in the neck...crawl

What is a creep caused by?

It can be caused by GRAVITY as in the case of old lead pipe sagging. In addition copper contact wires in electrified transport systems sagging under permanent stress causes creep.

What is thermal creep?

It is possible to start rarefied gas flows with tangential temperature gradients along the channel walls, where the fluid starts creeping in the direction from cold towards hot. This is called the thermal creep (transpiration) phenomenon. .

What is a creep feeder?

A creep feeder allows for the continuous free flow of feed for small animals such as goats.

What is an credentialing exam?

I do believe it's an exam that you have to take to be certified. It's the final step to be a PMD or what ever you want to be

How do you creep on your neighbors?

You go to the search bar, type in the name of your neighbor and you scroll through names to see if their name is there, click on it, then look at their information/wall*. (* you can see their wall if they didn't set their security.)

What is creep oil?

A type of lubricating oil that works it's way into cracks and gaps, See Fixel Creep Oil

How do you get rid of a creep?

Ignore them and hopefully they will get the message and move on eventually. Trust me I know the feeling :/

Which amimal creep?

The animal is described as a buck, with huge antlers,is fat and chubby, wears glasses, and is nicknamed asmoose..

How do you spell creeped?

The past tense of the verb to creep is crept . About the only time creeped would be used would be the slang expression creep me out , which would have the past tense creeped me out .

What you provide in credentials?

Not sure the question, but credentials are either your public status/title or in some cases what information you might use to sign in to websites, PC's etc.

How do you spell creepe?

The likely word is creepy (spooky, weird). The verb creep means to move slowly. (The similar word is crepe : a pancake, a ruffled paper or a rubbery compound.)

What is a creeping effect?

observed in liquid helium(helium 2).. when put in a container itmoves up against the gravity out of container. it wants to go to awarmer region where it will evaporate

Is creeped a metaphor?

No, crept (this is the way you write this word, not 'creeped') is a past tense verb. A metaphor is when you compare two objects (nouns) by saying that an object is something else. For example, 'he had arms of steel' is a metaphor because a person's arms are not actually made out of steel. A verb is ( Full Answer )

What is the copyright creep?

The phrase is one used by people who are against extending the amount of time copyrights remain in effect before the copyrighted material becomes part of the public domain. It refers to the fact that the period has been repeatedly extended since the writing of the constitution, especially in the mod ( Full Answer )

What is the creep in concrete?

Concrete creep is defined as: deformation of structure undersustained load. Basically, long term pressure or stress on concrete can make itchange shape. This deformation usually occurs in the direction theforce is being applied. Like a concrete column getting morecompressed, or a beam bending. Cre ( Full Answer )

Is creep a noun?

Yes, creep is a noun, as in "he was a creep". It can also be a verb, as in "he crept along".

What is Physician Credentialing?

This is just simply the process of documented recognition and verification being administered to a practicing medical professional, such as a physician.