What is cricle?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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round shape

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Q: What is cricle?
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How many lines of symmetry cricle?


Is John mcfersion Gay?

yes, yes he is he is a cricle

What imaginary cricle run through GreenwichEngland and divides western and eastern hemispheres?

That's the imaginary cricle comprised of the Prime Meridian and the meridian of 180 degrees longitude.

8 out of 10 is what grade?

Cricle the smallest number

How do you do sports stock verification?

dance in a cricle whilst going LALALALALALAALALA

If the radius of a cricle is increased by 75 percent then its circumference will be increased by?

The cricle's circumference is a linear function of its radius, so they change in direct proportion.If the radius increases by 75%, the circumference also increases by 75%.

How many lines of symmetry does a cricle?

A circle has an infinite number of lines of symmetry

How many lines of symmetry does a cricle have?

Infinitely many. Every diameter is a line of symmetry.

Name the European contris that are above the the arctic cricle?

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

Is a cricle a quardrilateral?

A quadrilateral has four sides. A circle does not have four sides. Therefore, a circle is not a quadrilateral.