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Well, Halo Custom Edition is the multiplayer version of Halo Combat Evolved PC. It doesn't have a Campaign, by the way.

If you want to get Halo Custom Edition, install the installer and use your Halo Combat Evolved PC Key.

The main advantage of Halo Custom Edition is custom maps.

Halo Custom Edition is currently in Version

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Q: What is custom edition of Halo Combat Evolved?
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Is there a halo custom edition for Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?

Yes, there is a halo custom edition.

What is the difference between Halo Custom Edition and Halo Combat Evolved?

in halo combat evolved u cant create ur own stuff in halo custom edition u can

How does halo combat evolved custom edition cost?

Halo Custom Edition is FREE.You can download Halo CE from http://hce.halomaps.orgTo install Halo CE you need the original Halo Combat Evolved game.

Do you need Halo Combat Evolved to play halo custom edition?

From what I heard, yes.

Can you still play Halo Combat Evolved if you install Halo Custom Edition?


How do you enter cheats halo combat evolved?

You can't cheat unless you have the Trial version of Halo Combat Evolved or you have the Halo Dev Trainer. You can also cheat on the edition to Halo Combat Evolved which is just a standalone version called Halo Custom Edition.*Please note that the cheats found online can only be used on the Halo Custom Edition and the Halo Combat Evolved Trial version. The retail version CAN NOT BE CHEATED on unless you have and are a modder.

How do you make Halo Combat Evolved annervarsary look like Halo 3?

Halo Custom Edition.

What is the key number of Halo custom edition?

The same as the one for your Halo Combat Evolved Disc

Where can you download halo commbat evolved for free?

You can download a demo version of Halo: Combat Evolved for free on the internet. There is also the Halo: Custom Edition, but this requires the CD Key of the full version of Halo: Combat Evolved installed on the computer you install Custom Edition on. Custom Edition is free, and allows for the use of user-created maps. It does not include the campaign though.

Is halo combat evolved the same as halo custom edition?

Yes, in a way. Halo Custom Edition has most of the features that Halo Combat Evolved has, except the custom edition is made only for online-play, and in the multiplayer setting, people can design their own maps with certain programs and play in the user-created maps with the whole Halo community.

How do you use Halo custom edition with a downloaded version of Halo Combat Evolved?

I would assume you install it.

How do you play Halo Combat Evolved custom edition after you download it?

You install it then play it from the shortcut.