Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved is the first game of Halo series. It is an FPS game , which deals with the main character Master Chief and his AI , Cortana on a mission to fight against a alien race called The Covenant.

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Halo: Combat Evolved

How many GB's is Halo Combat Evolved?


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Halo: Combat Evolved

How much would a 1903 Springfield rifle that had scope mounts put on it be worth right now?

This question can't be answered without more information. What version 1903 is it? The 1903's, and 1903 A3's were mass produced. Are the scope mounts original or did Bubba mount it in the garage? Does the rifle have an original stock or an aftermarket stock. Is the barrel cut down? The 1903 Springfield tends to be a widely "modified" rifle where the original versions are worth much more than the "bubbaized" versions.

AnswerFrom what I've seen with the more modern market, Springfield M. 1903 rifles have been selling from $600-$1000, depending on condition of course. It also depends on the make such as the M. 1903A3, used by most American snipers in World War Two as well as the late 1930's and early 1940's U.S. Marine Corps. These rifles too are roughly the same price range but of course these rifles were also made into the sniper rifle versions you're talking about. I've seen ORIGINAL sniper versions of the M. 1903A3 sell up to $2300 but the ones who were converted by civilian means to take a scope mount are worth much less. These often go for about $750-$1200. What is the serial number first? We'll go from there. It could be original.
Halo: Combat Evolved

Is there a halo custom edition for Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?

Yes, there is a halo custom edition.

Halo: Combat Evolved

How do you play halo combat evolved on xbox 360 slim?

Because it is a old Xbox game that you are trying to use on a new model Xbox 360 the Slim does not have the software to run the obsolete game.

Halo: Combat Evolved

How many firefight maps are Halo Combat Evolved anniversary?


Halo: Combat Evolved

Is Halo Combat Evolved anniversary better than halo reach?

I have played and beat them both on all difficulties, both are challenging, however Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary is more challenging so that makes H.C.E.A. better than H.R.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Does halo combat evolved anniversary have infection?

The short answer is no although it may be provided in a future update. You'd have to ask 343i about that.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Is it possible to play halo combat evolved on windows 7?

It is more recommended that you play Halo: Custom Edition on a pc. It is available for download free at hce.halomaps.org

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Halo: Combat Evolved

How do you open door that is locked on a Hyundai Sonata?

try the key

Halo: Combat Evolved

Can you change the language on Halo Combat Evolved?

no :(

Halo: Combat Evolved

Is Halo Combat Evolved compatible with Windows Vista?

yes +____+ d:

Halo: Combat Evolved

When was halo combat evolved made?

November 2001

Halo: Combat Evolved

How do you unlock CQB helmet on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary?

if it is on the multipayer you need to have halo waypoint and a certain achievement. if not i dont know

Halo: Combat Evolved

What is the 25 digit key to Halo Combat Evolved PC?

They are specific to your game box. I'm sure you could find a generator for it though. "Halo PC Code Generator" on Google.

Halo: Combat Evolved

How much memory does halo combat evolved use?

A few GB

Halo: Combat Evolved

How do you make mods in Halo Combat Evolved trial?

im a modder if you want halo trial mods ill make them for you or if you just want to learn ill make a youtube video and teach you how to make them

e-mail me at


and tell me what you want to do

ok byee

Mods for Halo Trial URL: http://www.gamefront.com/files/listing/pub2/Halo-Combat-Evolved/Modifications/Halo-Trial-Mods

Most modifications will have a description of how to put the file into Halo, but some don't I'll give you the instructions.

1) Download mod file

2) While downloading, minimize and go to 'My Computer'

3) Click on Local Drive C:

4) Program files

5) Halo Trial

6) Maps

7) Keep that window open and when download completes, drag MAP File with mod into bloodgulch.MAP on other window and extract all

8) Open up Halo

9) TaDa

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Halo: Combat Evolved

How do you hack halo?

Dude u cant hack halo it has no cheats believe me ive been playin halo for 17 years lolANSWER

you have to get this modding chip from from bestbuy or some place like that and put it in your xbox (not xbox 360) and it will allow you to modd/hack halo or any other xbox game (again not xbox 360)

-roxas uchiha

Sorry man u cant hack halo but i know one way to get into an anti air wrath! melee the driver until the door comes off. melee him again killing him and get into the anti air wrath. if u melee him and u wait to long the wraith will expolde so u need to do it very very fast!

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Halo: Combat Evolved

If you wiped out the flood on the first halo how did the flood come back on Halo 2?

there are a few reasons why they came back

the reason why they were in halo one was that they were being contained until the covenant released them

but in halo two on the second halo they were allready released

so we only wiped them out on installation 04 (halo1) and not installation 05 (halo 2)

Owner42's edit: In Halo 3, the flood are also still alive because many parasites survived from your assault from Halo 2 and Halo 1. These parasites created a new Gravemind. Graveminds are basically just tons and tons of parasites coming together, and they actually have so many parasites they form intelligence. After defeating Gravemind in Halo 2, another one forms, with the same memory and information as the last one- almost as a son or clone.

baigle177's edit: they did not create a new gravemind. gravemind was on high charity, and that is how he got to the Arc, with Cortana.

Then in halo 3 the flood acually built a planet entiarlly out of flood then after you escape the flood you go back and kill the flood for good by lighting the 3rd halo ring.

Disench4nted's edit: They did not build a whole flood planet...that "planet" is High Charity, the Covanant's home world/uber space ship. It was taken over by flood and all of the Covanant on it killed/infected.

Yongblade's edit: Sorry bout that. I thought that when I played Halo 3. Then I played Halo 2 then It came to me.

another reason is because when the halo blow up with the flood that was just a small portion of there army. Pluse they already made the grave mind on High Charity.

the covinant

Actuall, in Halo 3, the Flood that you see are the ones that infected HIGH CHARITY, not from Halo 1. - jtmathlover

edit by Cheesus: round up-- The flood were being researched on the Halo rings, so in the first halo the flood on that ring were destroyed, then in Halo 2 the flood were already released then they took over High Charity and made it their home. Then in Halo 3 they sent a ship from High Charity to Earth they followed Truth and Master Cheif. At the Ark there were no Flood there until they arrived on High Charity and then were all destroyed by the Fourth Halo ring (Version 2) since it was unstable, but there are other Halo rings with the Flood on everyone


you can't kill them------well you can but more will spawn

when they first discovered the flood ,the Forerunners had no idea what they were and the flood were most likely from another galaxy and if they are,then they are still wherever they originated from.That means that even if the Halos were destroyed and al the Flood in our galaxy were destroyed,there is still the possiblity of return.And the Flood on the Halos were put there for research purposes by the Forerunners for research purposes.

KR 18's edit:All the installations have flood containment facilities that's why they were there in halo 2.Cheesus, you are wrong.at the end of halo 3 the flood were destroyed.

Its true.You can never get rid of the flood.When the flood first came to the galxy where this game all takes place the forerunners(the original beings that had superior technology far better than human and the covenants)the floods plan was to infect all sentient life in the galaxy.The forerunners fought the flood but knew it was impossible to destroy all of it so they sealed as much of the flood as they could inside the halo rings.Then activated the rings.They managed to stop the flood buy destroying all sentient life in that galaxy.Including them.When the covenant formed up from many alien spieses The leaders the prophets,their guard the elites with their highest rank of houner guard.(the arbiter is not a real rank but more of a death mission person.The brutes third in command butlooking to take over the job of prophets quard,the grunts,weak alone but strong in numbers and need a leader.Then jackals which are treated more as humans would treat a dog by the covenant and the hunters.Massive beings made up of miniscule wormlike creatures that require generous amounts of armour to hold their shape and only travell in pairs.The prophets believe that by activating a halo they will be shown where the forerunners went and learn of the technology thay used to become the most powerfull group in the universe!(breath,breath)

Halo: Combat Evolved

Is Halo Combat Evolved compatible with Windows 7?

Yes, It is i just downloaded it and it runs perfect.

Halo: Combat Evolved

The password for Halo - Combat Evolved?

I dont know, I think it is spartan

Halo: Combat Evolved

What is the value of halo combat evolved?

£3-£16 because there's a aniversary edition now.

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Halo: Combat Evolved

How much would a 94 AE Winchester 30-30 sportsman with Bushnell scope be worth right now?

I just purchased (2-08-08) a 30-30 with a Leopold for $300 from a private owner. The rifle is in good to very good condition.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Where can you download halo combat evolved for free?

No where.

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How do you open the door when you are locked out of a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

Call a tow truck or find a friend who has a "jimmy" device.

Or, you could, if desperate enough, break a window.

But before doing all that, check the door on the other side first!! It might be unlocked.

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How do you open a locked room door?

Look for the hole in the center of the knob. There is either a lever to push inside or a keyed (sloted) mechanical link ... either push the button or turn the mechanical link. This should either pop the inside button out, or release the locking mechanisms. you dont need to have keys to open it just climb out the window and go to the window of the room that is locked and unlock it from the inside.


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