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A third party application for the iPod that downloads only on jailbroken ipods.

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Is your iPhone jailbroken if you have cydia?

Yes. You can jailbreak without getting Cydia, but if you have Cydia, you are jailbroken.

What are cydia sources for?

They are for downloading Cydia applications.

When was Cydia created?

Cydia was created in 2008.

How do you remove cydia from your iPod touch?

Yes you can! You have to download an app from cydia (irony :P) its called Cydelete you can delete cydia and app from cydia I believe

How do you get cydia on iPod Touch 2.2.1 2g?

you get cydia by going to cydia download ipod touch thanks ]

How to jailbreak a ipod without using cydia?

You don't use cydia to jailbreak the iPod. After the jailbreak, you automatically get Cydia. So basically there is no way to avoid getting Cydia.

When was Cydia zebeana created?

Cydia zebeana was created in 1840.

Why does cydia have no apps or history?

because you need to reinstall cydia

When was Cydia indivisa created?

Cydia indivisa was created in 1963.

How do you delete cydia apps without opening cydia?

You'll have to open cydia 1 more time and install Cydelete

Can you download cydia for Mac?

There is no Cydia for Mac OS X. Only jailbroken iOS devices are currently supported by Cydia.

Can you get cydia on android?

Yes, you can get Cydia app downloaded over your Android device from the PlayStore.

How do you download cydia apps without jailbreak?

To download Cydia applications, you need Cydia. There is no way to download something and install it unless you are using Cydia, which only runs on jailbroken devices.

How to fix has sum mismatch error in cydia?

To fix the mismatch error in Cydia try rebooting the jailbroken iPhone and restart the Cydia.

What is the cydia app for the itouch?

Cydia is an app itself you get when you jailbreak your iPod touch. You get it when jaibreak is finished, if you have greenp0ison, you have to go on loader and download Cydia from there. If you use redsn0w, you will have the choice of downloading Cydia from your computer to your iPod.

Are cydia apps free?

Yes, many Cydia apps or packages are free. You can simply download them from Cydia. Others must be purchased. To pay for Cydia apps you will need either a PayPal or Amazon account.

How do you use cydia without wifi?

you cant because cydia is stupid and wont let you because i hate cydia i spent 1 hour jailbraking with that stupid cydia thing and i cant even ues it

Why cydia sources do not work?

Cydia sources are essentially a website that is understood by Cydia. So, if the website is down, you will not be able to access the source and its packages.

Is there a password app for cydia?

applocker it costs .99 cents in the cydia app

How do you download WEPGen on cydia?

you cannot really download it from cydia your can only get it from installous

Is it true everything is free on cydia?

Much of the apps on cydia are indeed free. But cydia also has a built in store where people may purchase apps.

What are the differencess between Cydia Extender and Cydia Impactor?

Basically Cydia Extender is a segment of Cydia Impactor. As in it is a part of the most recent Cydia Impactor release. And also Cydia Extender installs as its individual application on iOS devices such as iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch. Cydia Extender has been designed to re-sign automatically to the applications that are not downloaded from the original app store. The main feature of Cydia Extender is that when it signed in to an application, it remains signed in for the rest of the time. So you can quickly sign-in to an app automatically whenever you want.

Can you verify your apple id with cydia?

Cydia has nothing to do with the app store. It is run by a someone else. You may not verify your apple id with Cydia. It is just not possible.

Is there anyway to get cydia on iPod toch no jailbroken?

No. Cydia is the thing that makes an iDevice jailbroken

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