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it is a dance studio! Focus Dance! Go! I go there too


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Focus is what the performer looks at or where they look in a dance

—Focus helps you to look out for what is happening around you.

Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

Tableau encourages focus and concentration

They focus on the genre, EDM. EDM stands for electronic dance music.

Focus is attentiveness during doing something. Focus while dancing is that you only think of dancing while doing it.

Swords dance because it highers your attack sharply and focus energy just makes critical hits come more often.

Focus in dance means wether or not you are ready or not to do the next movement In other words , if you are not doing anythin gin themiddle of a dance and your just suposed to be stood still then do that and dont talk to your friends next to you or slouch and bite your nails

People need to focus on Dance because it can strengthen you. Also, you can hurt yourself if you do it the wrong way, and that would not be good. Lastly, it can be hard for some people and they really have to try to really understand it.

some elements are steps , partnering up , focus

it means time of the beat of stillness bye lol x

There are many turns in dance. Focus on ballet :) The most common are called: pirouettes fouettes chaine turnouts There are more technical turns if you search them on youtube

Hi, well I have the same question. What type of studio are you wanting? How Old are you? What will your studio focus in?

It builds up your strength and balance, and your focus and in addition you can relax with the soothing dance.

Men don't really focus on balance and dance as much as strength

Broadway, or musical dance, has fused somewhat into a distinct style. While different musicals vary in the amounts of dance in them (anywhere from none to a focus on dance), the style of dance also varies completely based on the choreographical, stylistic, and plot-based influences. The overall "broadway dance style", if it had to be categorized, is most heavily focussed on jazz dance. Ballet is rarely used in musicals (The Phantom of the Opera is one exception.)

No, he is single and Gay. He says that it is the last thing on his mind and that he needs to focus on his music career and his dance training.

Choreographer usually go through the same training as dancers but use pathways and elective subjects to focus more on choreography. Most performing arts courses contain compulsory choreography, and some university courses at post-grad level focus solely on the artistry of the choreographer in different dance genres but usually contemporary dance.

Dancing is a broad topic. Pick a narrow focus like: "The history of American/Russian/Asian dance" or "The effects of dance on children." Then do your research... There's more to writing an article than just writing.

While it's true that you don't need a degree to dance, there ARE doctorates in dance if you want to pursue one; a couple of schools in the US that offer the degree are Temple and Ohio State Universities. I've linked the names of the schools to their pages on the program so you can read about exactly what is involved.

Modern dance is diversed from Classical Ballet where the dancers/choreographers try to break the rules and strict of Classical...i.e., in Classical the dancers tend to dance on turn out most of the time and seems to concentrate to work on their legs , whereas in Modern is dance in turn-in feet and use the spines and focus on relaxation of upper body. Contemporary is the dance style that combined or influenced by other dance style but still based on relaxation and freedom of movement rather than rigid as in classical ballet.

It's Ukraine's national dance. It's a show-off dance originally performed by males, with a focus on jumps, leaps, and tricks. However, the dance is now performed by both males and females, usually as a grand finale to a show and features the best of what the performers can do with leaps, spins, combinations, and turns. It's high paced and usually really amazing to watch.

There are 8 styles of Classical dance in India (classified by the Sangeet Natak Akademi). They are: 1) Kathak (North Indian) 2) Bharata Natyam - Current home is Chennai, South India 3) Odissi or Orissi - Orissan style, arguably the oldest Indian dance style - 3000 years old 4) Kathakali - South Indian style, focus on storytelling 5) Kuchipudi - from Andhra Pradesh. Similar to Bharata Natyam, but less geometrical 6) Manipuri - From Manipur. Focus on Krishna and Radha 7) Sattriya - Assamese dance. Created in the 15th century 8) Mohiniattam - South Indian - from Kerala. Non classical: "Bollywood dance" better known as The Dance of Indian Cinema. A modern style rooted from films. An amalgamation of street dance, jazz, ballet and Classical Indian.

you most likely need to know how to dance, sing, and act. Now you might need to focus on one considering what kind of part you want.

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