Why focus is important in dance?


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Focus in dance is important so that you don't get sidetracked, so you remember your dance moves, and so you can be completely and fully aware of other dancers on the stage as well as yourself.

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it is a dance studio! Focus Dance! Go! I go there too

Focus is what the performer looks at or where they look in a dance

—Focus helps you to look out for what is happening around you.

Tableau encourages focus and concentration

They focus on the genre, EDM. EDM stands for electronic dance music.

Focus is attentiveness during doing something. Focus while dancing is that you only think of dancing while doing it.

Swords dance because it highers your attack sharply and focus energy just makes critical hits come more often.

Focus in dance means wether or not you are ready or not to do the next movement In other words , if you are not doing anythin gin themiddle of a dance and your just suposed to be stood still then do that and dont talk to your friends next to you or slouch and bite your nails

Strength is important in dance is because it help you do anything with a partner the will be still right there

because its only a samoan traditinal dance! and its important to its culture and dance!

Joropo is the national dance. An important traditional dance though is Gaita

People need to focus on Dance because it can strengthen you. Also, you can hurt yourself if you do it the wrong way, and that would not be good. Lastly, it can be hard for some people and they really have to try to really understand it.

Yes technique is important in dance without it there would be no style or moves Angel Of Music...

Performance skills are important in dance as they portray the dance scientifically 20% more better than the original dance. Dance can be changed for the needs for others but with added Performance skills. I Hope This Helps Hina x

some elements are steps , partnering up , focus

cuz flexibility helps u 2 dance

* helps people to get there feelings out and enjoy what they are there for * Dance is important because it helps people become physically fit.

because it is! i have been in dance for the past 50 years and it is just really important, why would you think that it was't?!

because if you have no feeling or emotions to your dance your presentation is not good that's why the feeling and the emotions is important to dance. THAT'S ALL THANK YOU <3 .

stay focus on everything.

You have to rehearse for a dance to make sure you actually know the dance steps and also to improve on the dance. Rehearsals are very important to enable the dance to run smoothly!!

Yes. Everything in dance is related back to ballet, even tap!

it means time of the beat of stillness bye lol x

Is important so you dance correctly without the possibility of injuring yourself.

to lead the dance and in the competition of who can`bruck' best

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