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because if you have no feeling or emotions to your dance your presentation is not good that's why the feeling and the emotions is important to dance. THAT'S ALL THANK YOU <3



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Expressing feelings and emotions through the movement of the body. Dance usually accompeniment by music or somekind of the rythm.

a place where you can express your emotions and feelings through your own style of technique

The songs best suited for contemporary dance are those songs which express feelings or emotions, especially sad songs.

Dance Emotions was created in 1982.

A method of psychological treatment in which movement and dance are used to express and deal with feelings and experiences, both positive and negative. Also called movement therapy.

* helps people to get there feelings out and enjoy what they are there for * Dance is important because it helps people become physically fit.

for some people it helps them to dance... it lets them free there selves and express there emotions with movement

well you can express you feelings and emotions through drama dance and music also you have to pro form in front of people no matter which one you chose

if you dont remember something it is useless learnign it

The feeling of dance is an urge inside your emotions a body that wants you to 'move' in rhythm or to a beat that matches your current feelings e.g. a fast and joyful beat for happiness or a slow depressing rhythm for sadness. If your a natural dancer then the feeling of dance is common and 'your calling'; what your meant to do. If your not a natural dancer than you just dance for only a couple of deep emotions at times but don't get the urge out of nowhere.

There are alot of moves,but contemporary is about using emotions and feelings to make up the moves.You can incorperate different dance styles and make there moves your own,so it's YOUR dance.Look on youtube and other websites for insparation.Hope this helps in dance =)

In ancient dance forms a women's hand movement and foot movement need to be visible when watched by kings and fellow men. The art of dance requires finger movement to lip movement to express the feelings etc... hence a paint form which would highlight those areas became into existence as mehendi.

Bollywood Music is all about fun. It has various kinds of emotions, feelings, etc. Dance also represents each countries culture. Experience of Bollywood Dance can be experienced bt going on a Bollywood tour which will help you in learning the various kinds of dance steps.

aboriginals or like many cultures like to express their feelings and emotions dancing is like music for others some people like writing songs or playing music to express themselves but others dance

because it lets you emotions out and that you just feel like you want to do and you feel like you can get really good at it.

It gives you the strength to hold a movement or position for a period of time.

Usually jazz dance emotions are upbeat, energetic and fun. Smile!(:

a special quote that talks about dance how it makes you feel how it can express emotions

Facial expressions are when you describe the emotions of a dance with your face.x

Repetition in dance is repeating a movement

you can dance anywhere. but to dance you need to click the speech bubble and click emotions. Then click dance and you will be dancing like a pro

Penny Bernstein has written: 'Theoretical Approaches in Dance-Movement Therapy.[Title of orig. ed.:Eight theoretical approaches in dance-movement therapy]' 'Theory and methods in dance-movement therapy' -- subject(s): Dance therapy, Movement therapy, Psychology of Movement, Psychotherapy

To express yourself. and let your emotions free

The use of dynamic in dance refers to the different qualities applied to movement. Eg. the movement was very soft and relaxed, the movement was very sharp and hard-hitting.

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