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Dappy's real full name is Contodinos Contostavlos......I LOVE N-DUBZ X

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โˆ™ 2011-05-14 20:57:14
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Q: What is dappy's real name?
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What is dappys real name?

His real name is Costas Contostavlos.

What is dappys real name from ndubz?

Costadinos Contostavlos.

What is dappys real name from n-dubz?

Dino Contostavlos

Whot is dappys real name from n dubz?

Dino contostavlos

What is dappy real name from n dubz?

Dappys full name is Costas Dino Contostavlos

What is dappys reel name?

Dappy's real name is Costas Dinos Contostavlos but he is refered to as Dino.

What is dappy tulisa and fazers real name?

Dappys real name is Dino Contostavlos Fazers real name is Richard Rawson Tulisa's real name is Tula Contostavlos Dappy and Tulisa are cousens

Is dappy Adam Deacon?

no, they just look similar, dappys real name is Costadinos Contostavlos

What is dappys real nane?

Dino Contastavlos

What is fazerz real name n- dubz?

fazerz real name is Richard Rawsondappys real name is dino Contostavlostulisas real name is Tula Contostavlosby the way dappy n tulisa are cousins:)

What is dappys first name?


Is dappys tattoo on his arm real?

Yes his tattoo is real he always shows it in the songs

What is dappys birth name?

Dino contostavlos

What is dappys last name?

dappy [dino] last name is contostavlos

What was dappys dads name?

uncle b or Byron contostavlos

What was the name of dappys and tulisas dads band?

Mungo Jerry

What is dappys email address?

This answer is true i know dappy and this is his real email:

What is dappys son called?

dappys son is called gino

When is dappys new album out?

what is dappys tracks on new album

What is dappys full name from d - dubz?

Costasdino Contostavlos

What is the name of dappys album?

His first solo album is called Ying Yang

Is tulisha out of n dubz dappys couisn?

Yes Tulisa is Dappy's REAL cousin. I <3 Dappy!

What is n-dubz dappys bbm pin?

Last answer wasn't real it's some dudee called taylor being gay cause he has no real matess and wants random strangers add him.... Plus dappys pin will be nowhere on the internet and that even if he has a blackberry, which no one knows he does ....

Are n-dubz brothers and sisters?

dappys real name is dino telisaas real name is tula and fazers real name is Richard!! tula and dino r cousins and Richard has been dinos best mate since they were little ain't i smart its because im such a n-dubz fan i love dappy and fazer so much Katrina.e

What is dappys dad called?

Dappys dad is called Byron Contostavlos. R.I.P uncle B xxx