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line graph

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Q: What is data point on graph mean?
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A point on a graph showing the location of a piece of data?

a data point

What does data graph mean?

A Data Graph is a just a graph of data :) -Hope This Helps =D

On which type of graph is data plotted by a point on the graph?

line graph :))))))))))))))

Which type of graph is data plotted by a point on the graph?

line graph

What does a point represent on a graph?

A point can represent a piece of data or an (x,y) value.

What does the word outlier in math mean?

a data point on a graph or in a set of results that is very much bigger or smaller than the next nearest data point.

How do you find an exact data point on an Excel graph?

Excel 2007 does not have this capability. Excel 2003 can do this as described in the related link. The idea is to draw your graph, then overlay a non-related point on the graph. When you drag the non-related point to the location on the graph where you want to identify a data point, you will see the underlying cell reference change to the location of your selected data point.

What does 0 mean in a graph?

It is the point of origin of the x and y axes of the graph

What does to graph a point mean?

Mark the position of the point on the graph according to the coordinates of the point that are given (or calculated).

What is the position of a data point on a graph that is determined by a pair of numbers?

The position data point depends on the given coordinates of x and y

What does graph the data in the table mean for math?

It wants you to take the data that is given in the table and graph it. Depending on what sort of data it is, it might be asking you to graph it on the Cartesian Plane (x vs y).

What does the mid point mean in a graph?


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