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What is ddr-1 ram and ddr-2 and ddr-3?

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2013-02-04 05:52:30

The advantages as each proceed to the next DDR version. Not only

is it more capable, but it is faster. However, an issue is that the

latency's are really high as you go to DDR3, while they are lower

in DDR1 and DDR2. I am not sure for the reason of this, however I

will define latency. Latency is the time it takes the RAM to

'communicate.' The higher the latency, the worse. However, somehow,

DDR3 uses high latency and yet it is faster than DDR2 and DDR1.

Pro-tip: DDR versions are not interchangeable. For example, I

can't put a DDR2 RAM stick in a DDR3 memory module. The notches are

orientated differently to prevent this. Check your DDR version

before buying RAM, and buy the right kind!

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