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what state are you from? what state do you come from?

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Q: What is de que estado son ustedes in Spanish?
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How do you respond to de que estado son ustedes?

A. -¿De qué estado son ustedes?B. - Somos del Estado de Hidalgo (for instance)

How do you say you are an lets go in Spanish?

¡Es usted / son ustedes / eres tú (sos vos) / sois vosotros, as; así que en marcha!

What is y'all are in Spanish?

Translation: Todos ustedes It is used when talking to a group of people.

What does uds son mean in spanish?

Ustedes son- You are (polite form in plural)

How do I say You are the reason I wake up everyday in Spanish?

Ustedes son la razón que me despierto todos los días is the best way to say "You are the reason I wake up everyday" in Spanish.

What does you guys are jokers in Spanish?

Ustedes son bromistas. You could also say: Ustedes son embusteros. The word embustero refers to a joke intended to deceive.

How do you say You guys mean everything to me in spanish?

ustedes significan todo para mi ustedes son mi mundo

How do you say 'where are you all from' in Spanish?

You could say "¿De dónde son ustedes?"

How do you say your free in spanish?

"You are free" Con el verbo ser: Es libre / que sea libre (usted) Son libres / que sean libres (ustedes) eres libre / que seas libre Sois libres / que seáis libres Con el verbo estar: Está libre / que esté libre (usted). Están libres / que estén libres (ustedes). Estás libre / que estés libres Estáis libres / que estéis libres

What is the English equivalent of the spanish son?

son = "they are" or "you (plural) are"Ex.Ellas son bailarinas = "They are ballerinas"Ustedes son bailarinas = "You (all) are ballerinas"

How do you say you are the best in the wotld in spanish?

Ustedes son los mejores del mundo

What does que color son las uvas mean in spanish?

Que color son las uvas is Spanish for "what color are grapes?"