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Many of the cord blood banks are very similar. Those cord blood banks that have AABB accreditation and are licensed in NY state are required to meet stringent guidelines. Some are more aggressive than others, some are more expensive than others, but most of the factors cord blood banks use to distinguish themselves are unimportant. For more information on cord blood banking, visit This is a non-proft site dedicated to educating parents about cord blood banking. It also offers information on most if not all of the cord blood banks in the country.


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Umbilical cord banking is done at many hospitals and can be stored blood banks. Public banks take and store donations for anyone in need. They may want to look into a private bank to store for private use.

history of blood banks

Absolutely yes, especially if you set aside a budget for it. The rates of storing a cord blood in private banks vary. For this, you'll need to browse different banks online then compare its prices & payment plans.

Charles Richard drew created blood banks

They sell kits that can be used at any delivery to collect cord blood. They also charge a yearly fee to store the blood. The cord blood is available only to the child or members of the child's family from which it came.

People were born with rare blood. You can most likely find it at blood banks. You can see the difference in blood types by taking a test with the blood.

Many blood banks use a technique where they spin the blood super fast, this causes the different components of the blood to separate.

There are many people who would not be alive if blood banks were not established and on hand to supply the needed donations of blood, and continue to require a new transfusion fairly often; they certainly need blood banks.

Blood banks, and the Red Cross which collects blood for blood banks, do not accept blood from people who have HIV, and they also test the blood that they collect in case it has infections that they were not warned about. Every effort is made to keep HIV out of blood that will be used for transfusions.

To receive blood that people donated to get blood tranfussions.

The donated blood is kept in a freezing storage.

One disadvantage of cord blood banking is the cost. Some private banks will charge about $595 up to $1835. This also includes a $95 annual storage fees. I hope this helps! :)

Cord blood banks can be found in many different cities. Some examples of cord blood banks include one located in San Bruno, California and another located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As to the importance of blood, blood banks were established to aid people in need of transfusion, people in state of blood loss', blood banks org. staff including medical laboratory scientist are the ones to secure proper handling, collection, storage and of course precise and accurate way of transfusing into the recipient.

in blood banks and blood relation campaigns

O positive blood is more common among Americans. It is one of the most commonly stored blood types in blood banks today. I am not sure of the numbers but I know that a lot of people say they are O positive.

To help soldiers that were running out of blood.

The cost of banking cord blood vary in different private banks. Therefore, thoroughly research the rates online and choose the right payment plan for you. For more successful stories on cord blood banking, visit the blog provided below.

Cord blood is collected after the birth of a baby. How it is collected depends on the cord blood bank you are using. Most of the private banks will provide you with a collection kit that includes everything you need to collect your baby's cord blood. Most of the banks recommend a gravity method of collection. They will provide you with a specimen collection bag with a needle on a tube. After the baby is removed from the cord, the needle is placed into the cord and the blood is collected in the bag with gravity drawing the blood down into the bag. Once the blood is collected, most private banks will arrange for a courier to come to the hospital to collect the blood. Cord blood is useful in treating a number of different diseases (for a list, visit, but its greatest value is in its potential. Scientists are currently studying cord blood to be used as treatment for things like diabetes, cerebral palsy, and heart disease. If these treatments are realized, the potential for cord blood will be endless.

No all blood donated is free because it was not payed for.

The major difference among the circulatory systems of vertebrates involves the path of blood through the heart and the body as well as the number of chambers in the heart.

Blood banks store/preserve it either for testing or for transfusions.

The difference between Lymph and Blood is that Blood contains RBC's while Lymph does not

I think its by blood type cause if they mix diff. blood types, it should not be given to a person

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