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The D stands for digital. DSLR's use a digital sensor for saving the image instead of photographic film

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Q: What is difference between SLR and DSLR Camera?
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How do you tell if a camera is a DSLR?

The easiest way to determine whether a camera is DSLR (or SLR) or not is by seeing if the lenses are detachable. If you can switch between different camera lenses, the camera is definitely either a DSLR or a SLR.

How can I convert my old SLR camera to a DSLR?

No I am sorry but you cannot convert an old SLR camera to a DSLR

The difference between a D-SLR camera and a SLR camera?

DSLR - Digital Single Lens Reflex (digital image only) SLR - Single Lens Reflex (uses film only)

What is the difference between a Cannon SLR and DSLR?

The difference between a single lens reflex (SLR) and a digital lens reflex (DSLR) is simply that the SLR saves an image to film, while the DSLR saves an image to a memory card.

What is a make shift camera?

One of the fancier lenses in the world of SLR and digital SLR (DSLR)

What is the difference between a Canon SLR and EOS?

I think that you want to know the difference between a SLR and a DSLR.EOS means Electro-Optical System and SLR means Single-Lens Reflex.Canon has both film and digital EOS cameras, but only film SLR cameras. The main difference between SLR and DSLR is the way the support on wich the light is imprinted: film for SLR and electronic sensor- memory card on DSLR.

Is canon rebel slr or dslr?

Both. Depends on how old the camera is. DSLR is just a digital version of an SLR (single-lens reflex), which are the cameras with removable lenses.

Which is better Olympus E500 SLR or DSLR camera?

It is a DSLR. Right short answer. More exactly, Canon and Nikon are the best professional camera brands.

What is the best slr camera for beginners?

The Canon Rebel DSLR is what you will want to look at.

What is the difference between a pinhole camera and a slr camera?

The main difference is that a pinhole camera has exactly that a pinhole and not a lens which an slr uses. Pinhole camera exposures are very long and not practicle in use.

What's the difference between a normal digital camera and a slr one? This site will explain everything! Good Luck!

Should I purchase and SLR or non-SLR camera?

This will depend on how much money you want to spend and what you will want to do with your camera. DSLR's give much better quality but cost much more.

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