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1. Basically these are not degrees but apex organizations for higher education in India.

2. UGC is University Grants Commission and not related to technical education alone. All state universities and som other universities are UGC approved. It grants funds for research to institutions and universities.

3. AICTE is council for technical education only. Similarly we have for medical education, pharmacy, law etc. AICTE gives rankings to colleges.

4. Seek admission to college having 'A' certificate from AICTE and affiliated to a university approved by UGC. To the best of my knowledge only UGC approved degrees are recognized by the government as it is the apex body for higher education.

5. Approval from AICTE means a minimum standard will be followed but converse is not true, for example IITs and BITS Pilani are not affiliated to AICTE

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Q: What is difference between UGC recognised Like Amity Noida and AICTE recognised BE degrees and which one is better?
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