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a kebab is made of minced meat and tikka is usually chopped large chunks of meat. Kebab is grilled and fried sometimes but tikka is always stir fried

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A chicken tikka kebab in a pitta bread contains around 450 calories. The addition of sauces, particularly mayonnaise will increase this. It is also relatively low in fat, so long as the chicken has been grilled or cooked on a spit.

they eat very hot spices food for e.g barianey, kebab, tikka,etc etc :)

biryani chiken karahi tikka chappal kebab seikh kebaab nehari samosaa golgappay

Chicken tikka is basically roasted pieces of chicken that is covered with masala all over and cooked in a tandoor but chicken tikka masala is basically a type of subji made by adding chicken tikkas to it and is eaten with various sort of indian breads.

I am not entirely sure, but I believe that Kebab meat is made into small cubes or chunks of the meat to put on the Kebab stick. Gyros meat is cut into small, thin slices and is traditionally made with lamb to put into the gyro.

No, a kebab is not a sandwich.

Tikka means chunks, so chicken tikka is "chunks of chicken". Masala is a mixture of spices.

Kebab is a food from the middle east

A Kebab is roasted mutton (sheep).A shish-kebab is pieces of meat roasted on a skewer

There are about 260 calories in a serving of chicken tikka.

No. Tikka is made by a Finnish manufacturer called SAKO.

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Taneli Tikka was born on 1978-03-08.

Eeva Tikka has written: 'Haapaperhonen' 'Annu'

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Tikka is a dish prepared by grilling the pieces of chicken or paneer or meat on charcoal (without keeping the pieces directly on coal, but in heat of coal) or traditional tandoor while bhuna means to cook or grill something by putting it directly on coal.To grill tikka, the pieces of (lets say) marinated paneer are hanged above burning coal with the help of rod. The distance between burning coal and paneer pieces is approx 10-20cms depending upon the heat required.Bhuna means to grill something by directly placing it on burning coal. There is direct contact between item to be grilled and coal, but in Tikka there is no direct contact of coal and item to be grilled.

Chelo Kebab (Rice with Kebab)

The doner kebab comes from bursa turkey......

There are about 260 calories in one serving of chicken tikka.

Kari S. Tikka died in 2006.

Kari S. Tikka was born in 1944.

Kebab It is the same word as the English word.

An oriental type restaurant serving kebab (or shaworma).

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