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polluted water is more dangerous for use and contaminated water is poisiones then polluted

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Q: What is difference between polluted water and contaminated water?
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What is the scientific name given to pure water and polluted water?

Scientific name of water is known as Potable Water and polluted water is known as Contaminated water.

What is the difference between clean water and polluted water?

contamination is when germs enter the water and pollution of water is when liquid waste or rubbish are thrown in the water.

Is water pollution harmful to people?

Yes. For example, humans can eat the fish and other living creatures that live in the contaminated/polluted water, and the effects can be harmful.

Why is surface water more polluted than ground water?

In short, certain areas have radioactivity, which can contaminate ground water, even long after surface water has regenerated itself. Even floods, sink holes-all kinds of things, can cause water to become contaminated. Surface water can be contaminated easily, by farmers' chemicals, oil from vehicles, including watercraft. Anything that contaminates can get to surface water.

What are exampled of indirect contact between you and a pathogen?

Eating contaminated food and drinking contaminated water

What type pf cholera disease is it?

An infectious disease spread by contaminated water and food. It affects your digestive system.

What is an example of a false statement about water?

An example of a false statement about water might be: All water is unhealthy for you. - That is false; humans need water to survive. However, a true statement (an opposing statement) would be: If water is polluted or contaminated, it may be very unhealthy to drink. But if no other source of water is present, humans would still need to drink the polluted water.

How are rivers harmed?

people destroy streams and rivers i) discharging contaminated/polluted water or waste of domestic or industrial in to them

Are shrimp polluted?

well if the shrimp are cuaght in polluted water then they are polluted but if there are caught in fresh water then theyt are not polluted

Does rainwater have oil in?

Rain water that falls from the sky should not have oil in it, unless the sky is polluted. However, the rain water that lands in a barrel, or some other container, could have oil in it, because the ground is contaminated with oil, or the barrel (container) has oil in it. Most rain water that falls from the sky is clean, but, when it lands, it can get polluted with oil. Acid raid is another problem with rain water, which occurs again because the sky overhead is polluted.

How does one know if the water is polluted?

One will know if the water is polluted by putting a water reader in the body of liquid. This water reader will determine if the water is polluted or not.

How do your water sources become polluted?

Water sources mainly get polluted because of water pollution. This water is transported to homes where it is used. So, you are getting the polluted water.