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Carbon, silicon, germanium

are all teravalent atoms (4 electrons in the outer shell).

Each element becomes heavier, and (because there are more total electrons) is less "pure" in it's chemical (and electrical) responses.

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Q: What is difference between silicon and germenium?
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What are examples of semiconductors?

Germenium and silicon are the examples of Semiconductors.

Where are metailloids found on the periodic table?

Silicon ,germenium

Why you use silicon not germanium in SCR?

because lekage current of silicon is less than germenium

What semiconductor material is used to make transistors?

* silicon * germanium * gallium arsenide * etc.

Why carbon is not used as semiconductor material?

carbon is not used as the semiconductor because it has larger band gap than silicon and germenium

What parameter in a germanium diode differs from those in a silicon diode?

germenium diode contains majority electron as a charge carriers while the silicon diode contains holes as a majority charge cariers,

Advantages of silicon over germanium?

silicon has a wider bandgap than germenium .silicon jeakage current small, easily available then Ga and break down voltage is more. knee voltage of si is 0.7and Ga is having 0.3then Si is very useful.

What is the difference between silica and silicon dioxide?

They are the same substance.

Is there a difference between silica and silicon?

Yes. Silica is a compound with the formula SiO2, while silicon is an element with symbol Si. There are many chemical and physical differences between them.

What is the difference between epdm and silicon gasket?

hi i have a quation about the diference between the epdm and silicon gasket ? on the oder hand which of them is good for seeling on the compress? (meckanical parameter requred) thanks.

What is difference between silicon and germanium according to atomic structure?

Electron configuration of silicon: [Ne]3s23p2 Electron configuration of germanium: [Ar]3d104s24p2

What is the difference between silicone and silicon and what are they?

silicon is the name of the element. A silicone is a type of polymeric compound of silicon that contains a silicon-oxygen backbone and alkyl groups (e.g. CH3) attached to the silicon e.g. [Si(CH3)2O]n See wikipedia silicone for examples of the different uses of silicones- and the silicon article for a picture of silicon.