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a synchronous condenser is over excited synchronous motor under no load

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Q: What is difference between synchronous motor and synchronous condenser?
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The letters LSM stand for what when talking about how a Maglev train is propelled?

Linear Synchronous Motor

Difference between a magnetic treadmill and a motor treadmill?

$ 200.00

Why does the rotor of an induction motor turn slower than the revolving field?

In an induction motor the rotor currents are induced by the magnetic field of the stator, and if the motor were to run at synchronous speed the induced currents and also the torque would fall to zero. The rotor currents alternate at a low frequency determined by the 'slip', which is the percentage amount that the rotor speed is below the synchronous speed. The output torque is proportional to the slip at near-synchronous speeds.

What are the differences between synchronous and asynchronous?

Synchronous AC motors run at a speed fixed by the input line frequency. Typically 60 Hz in the USA. Run a clock with the sync motor from the USA in England and it runs slow because they use 50Hz. Asynchronous motors run at whatever free-run speed they feel like, and slow under load. A DC wound hand-drill is such a motor, runs pretty fast till you start drilling, then it slows down. A synchronous motor will develop maximum power at its' designed speed, try to slow it down and it puts out more torque. Slow it down by overload, it doesn't create more power, it just creates more heat. An Async motor creates highest torque at stall speed, least torque as it approaches maximum speed.

What difference between mov and zv valve?

MOV is Motor Operated Valve which operate by motor but , ZV operated by instrument air or hydraulic pump in case of manual operation Thank you,

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Difference between synchronous generator and synchronous motor?

ASYNCHRONOUS is a mode whereby events happens irregardless of control. SYNCHRONOUS are this same events but controlled by a timing and/or control

What is a syncronous condenser?

A synchronous condenser is physically an electric generator/motor without a mechanical power source. Electrically a synchronous condenser changes the timing between rise and fall of current compared to voltage (phase angle). They also use stored energy to smooth small power fluctuations.

What is a slip in electricity?

it is the difference between the synchronous and asynchronous speed of a induction motor

What is slip and slip motor?

the difference between the synchronous speed and actual speed is called as slip

What is the difference between synchronous motor vs induction motor and which one is better?

The big difference is that the synchronous motor's rotor can have a variable current applied to it through its field slip rings. Both types of motors have their own advantages. With a synchronous motor in the system, the systems power factor can be regulated.

How synchronous motor can function as a synchronous condenser?

If a motor is spinning under no load, it is storing some energy in the rotating mass. This energy can be stored and released in the same way capacitors and inductors store and release energy. This is what a synchronous motor acting like a condenser is doing. The way it appears to the power system is dependent upon the field current applied to it. If used as a motor, this is controlled to keep it spinning at the desired speed under load. If used as a condenser, it is controlled to determine whether it will be releasing power ahead of or behind the power system (absorbing or releasing VARs).

Difference between synchronous and asynchronous motors?

1)Synchronous motors are those that run only at Synchronous speed i.e. constant speed. But Motor can run in various speeds. 2)Synchronous motors runs at same speed of magnetic filed. but if one consider case of induction motor the rotor rotates at different speed than revolving magnetic field. there is slip between field and rotor.

What is synchronous machein?

mainly alternator,synchronous motor comes under the synchronous machine.a synchronous motor is not a self starting motor.if a synchronous motor moves with more than synchronous speed then it acts as a synchronous generator.

Difference between induction motor and induction generator?

in case of induction motor the rotor speed is less than synchronous speed giving positive slip but in case of generator the rptor speed is greater than synchronous speed giving negative slip.......

What is slip of synchronous motor?

A synchronous motor runs at synchronous speed, so there is no slip, or zero slip.

What is the slip of synchronous motor?

A synchronous motor runs at synchronous speed, so there is no slip, or zero slip.

Where can Ibuy a TYC42 12v synchronous motor?

where can I buy a TYC50-12 synchronous motor for a fibre optic christmas tree