What is difference between the two types of mixtures?


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A homogeneous mixture has two or more substances uniformly distributed throughout its volume. A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture of two or more substances not distributed evenly throughout its volume.

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Two types of mixtures-homogeneous and heterogeneous

Name two types of mixtures and describe how they are different?

heterogeneous mixtures and homogeneousmixtures

The two types of mixtures are homogeneous and heterogeneous.

explain the difference between the two types of skeletal muscle tissue?

You can tell the difference between two types of trees, because they leaf clues.

The two types of mixtures is heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous mixtures are two or more substances combined but not chemically. You can see the two substances. Homogeneous mixtures are two or more substance that are chemically combined. You are not able to see the different substances; they appear as one.

homogeneous and heterogeneous.

Homogeneous & Heterogeneous

A mixture contain two or more pure substances.

A substance is a type of matter with uniform properties, where as a mixture is a type of substance that can be made by mixing a variety of substances together. There are two types of mixtures - homogeneous and heterogeneous.

The two major types of mixtures are homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogenous means the substance has uniform composition, and a heterogeneous mixture lacks uniformity.

Mixtures contain two or more compounds.

Homogeneous (mixtures that have equally proportionate components throughout) and heterogeneous (mixtures with unequally proportionate components throughout).

No, it is not two liquids. It is two types of mixtures.

A heterogeneous mixture is a type of mixture in which the components can easily be identified, as there are two or more types present. Two examples are: salad trail mix (You can easily separate these mixtures)

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous mixture

All mixtures have two or more components which doesn't react between them.

The difference between Mixtures and Compounds:Mixtures are heterogeneous forms of matter. They are composed of variable proportions of molecules and atoms.Compounds are homogeneous forms of matter. The elements of a compound are always present in fixed proportions.

There are two types of mixtures which are heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures. An example of a homogenous mixture is a sugar solution, and a heterogeneous mixture is sand and water. A mixture is composed of two or more substances.

It is true that components in mixtures maintain their own characteristics. The two types of mixtures are homogeneous mixture and heterogeneous mixture.

Homogeneous mixtures contain only one substance, like Coke.Heterogeneous mixtures contain two or more substances, like salad dressing.

Solution is another term for homogeneous mixture. There are two types of hetergeneous mixture colliods and suspensions.

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