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On a 1994 F-series you need a special tool to release the spring on the plastic hydraulic line at the throw out bearing down by the trans. And the old style the clutches are usually mechanically operated and the throw out bearing functions from what is called a clutch fork or clutch arm.

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Q: What is different about installing the throw-out bearing on a 1994 Ford F-250 4x4 compared to earlier models?
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Does a 1997 Chevy s10 have a hydraulic clutch and or hydraulic throwout bearing?

Yes, the clutch throwout bearing is hydraulically operated.

Is a release bearing and throwout bearing the same thing?


What is throwout bearing?

A throw out bearing is the bearing in a manual transmission that helps to engage and to disengage the clutch.

How do you put in a new throwout bearing on a 1995 eagle talon?

have to take the transmission out and its behind the clutch slide it out and make sure you put the throwout bearing in the same way the old one comes out

What is the difference between a throwout bearing and a clutch release bearing?

Both are the same term for the same part.

Are there clips that hold the throwout bearing on a 1996 Nissan 200SX?


How do you take the throw out bearing out of a 1990 Chevy silverado 350?

you have to remove transmission to take out and replace throwout bearing

Where can you find a diagram for installing the clutch throwout bearing in a Dodge Dakota?

Your best bet is your local library, which has most service manuals if it is a larger city or your local auto parts store should have diagrams for it.

Your car is a 2003 Ford Mustang Standard shift at times when driving or parked you will here a squeak in the front of the car when pushing upward on the clutch it stops what causes that?

The release bearing on the clutch is at fault. Throwout Bearing, replace the Throwout bearing and check the Fork for Damage.

Do release bearing acts directly upon a diaphragm spring?

Yes. (The technical terms for the parts are the throwout bearing and pressure plate)

Why does your Honda Element Manual transmission popping out of gear in 2nd or 4th?

throwout bearing

How do you replace throwout bearing on 1991 ford ranger5 speed?

You will have to pull your tranny off, your throwout bearing is in the bell housing (front part of your tranny) while your in there it would be a good idea to check your clutch as well as your pressure plate. Good Luck Drive Safe

When you press your clutch in on your Saturn sl2 it makes a funny sound?

If a standard transmission vehicle makes a different sound when you press the clutch it usually means that the throwout bearing is about to seize.

Where is the flasher canister on a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville?

next to the left muffler throwout bearing tdc sensor

Car grinds when driving put in clutch and noise goes away?

Your throwout bearing is going bad.

Why is a ball bearing needed for the transmission in a 1986 Chevy s10?

If it is a standard transmission S10 maybe they are talking about the "throwout bearing" which is part of the clutch operation that can go bad.

What parts do you need to replace a clutch for a manual transmission a 94hyundai excel?

clutch plate disc and throwout bearing

What side of the fork does the throwout bearing go on?

it needs to be between the fork fingers and the pressure plate release fingers

Can you drive a car with out a throwout bearing?

No, the throw out bearing in a clutch is needed to keep an disengaged clutch spinning. you can drive a car with a bad throwout bearing if you don't use the clutch By "floating the gears". You must disconnect or bypass the start safety switch (this is when you need to have the clutch pedal to the floor to start the moter) so that you can start the car in gear if you come to a complete stop.

Why is the clutch when depressed in your Kia Sportage making a squeaking sound?

check your fluid level for the clutch master cylinder or the throwout bearing, the clutch release bearing could do this too.

What are all of the components in a standard GM small block clutch assembly?

clutch plate,pressure plate,throwout bearing

Is there anything to align when replacing a clutch in a 98 Frontier 2wd or is it straight forward?

there is a tool that aligns the clutch disc with the pilot bushing to center it so that the input shaft will line up with the splines in the disc and pilot bushing. These are usually included with the kit which should include the tool, disc pressure plate, pilot bushing, throwout bearing, maybe spline grease. Also, lube the end of input shaft (go easy on the grease) and throwout bearing ball pivot and throwout bearing sleeve(what it rides on). Also when installing new bushing, don't use a punch to install or you will pean over edges and play hell getting input shaft in (use driver tool). Don't get any grease on the disc. Have flywheel resurfaced.

Why would your 5 speed 1999 ford escort make a rattling noise when you put it in gear?

Possibly bad throwout bearing

Need to see a diagram of how the throwout bearing connects to the fork on 1975 D100 slant six Dodge?

Usually ball and socket

How much does it cost to replace a clutch in a Nissan 300zx?

$126 for the whole clutch kit. Clutch,pressure plate,and throwout bearing.