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The terms Land Breeze and Sea Breeze refer to the directions from which the breeze comes.

The causes of the two different breezes are the relative differences in temperatures of the masses from which they originate. During the day, the land is generally heated to temperatures that exceed the temperature of the adjacent sea causing a flow of air from the cooler sea towards the warmer land where the air is rising. This is called a Sea Breeze because the air is moving from the sea towards the land.

Conversely, in the evening as the land mass cools more rapidly than the adjacent water, the flow is reversed and air from the cooler land mass moves towards the warmer (and hence rising) air mass over the sea. This, then, is called a Land Breeze as it moves from the land towards the sea.

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Q: What is different between a land breeze and a sea breeze?
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What is the difference between land breeze and sea breeze?

The only difference - is the direction the breeze is blowing. A land breeze flows from land to sea, while a sea breeze blows in the opposite direction.

What is the difference of the causes between a sea breeze and a land breeze?

The only difference - is the direction of flow. A sea breeze blows from the sea onto the land. A land breeze flows in the opposite direction.

What is the type of breeze that blows from the ocean to land called?

A sea breeze. A land breeze blows from land to sea.

What is the differences between land breeze and sea breeze?

It is a wind from the sea that develops over land near coasts.

What does the sea breeze and land breeze have in common?

Land breeze is in the air sea breeze is in the water

What are the similarities between land and sea breezes?

land and sea breeze are each others opposites

A breeze that blows from sea to land is an?

sea breeze

A sea breeze is created as a result of what?

pressure differences as a result of different specific heats between water and land

What forms when the air moves between the land and sea?

A breeze forms when the air moves between land and sea... This was my homework and found out "Sea Breeze" I'm not sure about that yet, But I think it's correct )

What is a seabreeze?

A sea breeze is a breeze that blows towards the land from the sea. The sea breeze is usually cooler than the temperature on the land.

What kind of breeze blows from sea to land?

A sea breeze.

How does a sea breeze blow?

A sea breeze blows from the sea to the land. It is usually a cooling breeze.

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