What is diloted?

Its a pain killer. The hospitals give them to cancer patients or ill people.

That's not so true. I was on diloted when I had my scoliosis surgery. Just saying its for other thigs too.

Isn't scoliosis an illness?

To say that the hospital will not choose to use Diloted for anything else other than surgery related pain, or gallblader attacks, is FALSE. I suffer from migraines. Yes I know that would fall under the ILLNESS category, but just wanted to make it clear, that if the hospital chooses so, depending on your pain, they will administer Diloted due to it's extreme affectiveness at relieving the pain in a matter of minutes in some cases. My wife was also given Diloted in the ER for severe cramping. It's really up to the ER doctor as for what they choose to give you, but in most cases for severe pain, Diloted will be the medication they choose to administer.