What is direct democracy?

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Direct democracy is where the citizens directly influence the decisions of the government.

This is compared to indirect democracy (which is what the US has) where the people elect representatives who represent their interests in the decisions of goverment.
Direct democracy is a form of democracy. This form is people decide policy initiatives directly.
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How is a direct democracy different from a representative democracy?

In a direct democracy , every single member of the group hasan equal say in every single decision. This is not workable on aday to day basis for large groups. In a represent

What is a direct democracy?

A direct democracy is one which each member of the group (citizen)has the power to vote on all issues and decisions.

How is a direct democracy the same as a representative democracy?

It's not.. Democracy is a system of government owned and controlled by the will of the majority of the governed. The will of the people of a democracy would be the supreme la

How is direct democracy different from a representative democracy?

Most of the democracies are indirect or representative democracies,because citizens elect representatives who then go to the parliament and represent them and their interests.

Is the US a direct democracy or Representative Democracy?

It is a representative democracy. In a direct democracy, citizens vote directly on issues concerning the community, while in a representative democracy, the citizens vote on p

What is a direct democracy about?

Direct democracy allows citizens to make policy decisions through amajority vote. In contrast, representative democracies allowcitizens to elect representatives to make policy
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What is direct democracy and representative democracy?

In Direct Democracy, the people vote on every issue. In Representative Democracy, the people vote for representatives, who then vote on every issue. Nearly all democracies
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Why does the US have a representative democracy and not a direct democracy?

The US has a representative democracy because, at the time the Constitution was framed, it was impracticable to have a direct democracy. Additionally, the Founding Fathers wer