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What is direct production?

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Direct production means that human beings provide what they need for themselves and for their families , on their own .

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What is the difference between production direct production and indirect production?

it is used in commerce ...

Difference between direct cost and direct costing?

Direct cost is that cost which is directly identifiable with production volume while direct costing is the method or process through which direct cost is allocated to production.

What is the differences between Fixed Direct labor with variable direct labor?

Direct labor which do not vary with level of production is fixed direct labor while labor vary with change in production is variable direct labor.

What organelle direct the production of ribosomes?

The nucleolus directs ribosome production.

What type of cost is direct labor?

direct labor is direct cost attributable to production of goods.

What budgets are included in a production budget?

The production budget needs to be exploded into budgets for direct material, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead.

What two major functional categories are costs subdivided into?

production and non-production. non-production is classified under selling and administrative expenses production is classified as direct material, direct labor and manufacturing overhead

Total costs less conversion costs equal to material costs?

Conversion cost is total of: Options Direct material and direct wages Direct material, direct wages, and production overheads Direct wages and production overheads. None of the above

What is other direct cost?

Other direct cost is direct cost other than direct material and direct labor which is prime cost of production.

Why does direct production limit the quality of life?

Direct Production relates to a concept of people producing goods for their own consumption. This theory is one that is fundamentally Marxist in origin and promotes self-sufficiency. An excellent example of Direct Production occurs in the Cuban society.With Direct Proction at play, producers are responsible for a product from raw material to end product.In a nut shell, this will affect the quality of life in the following ways:Direct Production does not afford the consumption of goods not produced by the consumers therefore importation is limited. This reduces the consumption of luxury goods in the case of 3rd world countries with donnot normally produce these goods (typical of Jamaica '70s)Direct Production means that goods must be produced to the consumption stage, therefore items such rice etc have to be eliminated in the purest form of direct production as they are not produced in the country of consumptionDirect Production does not promote specialisationWith Direct Production, factories are keep for the purpose of completing the production cycle and this results in the production of inferior goods with high production costs as the technology is usually behind

Meiosis results in the direct production of?


What are the advantages of direct production?

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What are production aspect?

All of the following are aspects of mass production except who? organized labor. What is the difference between production direct production and indirect ...

What is a direct labor budget?

Direct labor budget tells the management that how much direct labor is required to finish the production of units.

Why are the standard direct labor and direct materials cost based on actual case production volume rather than planned cases production?

Because they think they will get more money

Is direct material and labor a fixed cost?

If direct material and direct labor remains fixed irrespective of production volume then these are fixed costs otherwise these are variable costs and normally these are variable costs because it varies with the production volume.

What is the direct result of aerobic respiration?

The direct result of aerobic respiration is the production of ATP from the breakdown of glucose.

Is a bond cost a direct cost?

No bond cost is not a direct cost as it is not directly related with production of goods.

Are all direct costs variable?

Direct Cost are those costs that can be directly assigned to a production process. Indirect cost were those costs that cannot be directly assigned to production process but have to allocate to production. Variable costs are those costs that vary directly with the production level. Only Direct cost could be variable . But not all direct cost are variable. Thus direct cost contains both Variable and Fixed elements while indirect costs contains only fixed element.

What is 'direct production'?

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Is factory supplies a direct cost?

Factory supplies are those items which used in production but not directly related to production of products that's why not part of direct cost rather indirect cost.

What kind of cost is direct Labor?

Direct labor is direct cost as it varies with variation in production level and directly related with number of units of product.

Is repair of machinary consider as direct cost?

yes repair of machinery that involve in production is part of direct cost.

Is a Licensing Fee used to develop a product a direct cost?

No license fee is not a direct cost for production of product.

What is the difference between direct cost and indirect cost?

An apple cost $1.00the direct cost is .875c and the indirect cost is .125c cost = cost of the item by itself.indirect cost = cost to purchase or attain an item.If you want the apple, you have to purchase the apple with tax.Direct cost is that cost which directly related to the production of units like direct material or direct labor while indirect cost which is not directly related to the production of units like salary of factory manager etc.